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  • Updates from The Cold Eastern Front

    By Debbie Stultz-Giffin Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana Society (MUMM) is outraged over the escalating trend of law enforcement in Nova Scotia to lay charges under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act against medical cannabis patients for growing and possessing their medicine. The Medical Marijuana Purposes Regulations (MMPR) implemented last spring endeavoured to cancel the […]

  • Weed Woman: Gayle Quin Loves Her Plants

      From the tender age of 13, Gayle Quin was destined to be a cannabis activist. It began in 1970.  Her mom threw out plants she found in the house. Gayle defiantly picked the plants up and replanted them near her home. There was a very good reason she has fought so hard for this […]

  • Historic Extract trial Hits Ottawa

    Decision Should Radically Change How Cannabis Is Used As Medicine In Canada ”Would you confine your points to things that really matter!” This was the last thing Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin said to crown lawyer Paul Riley before Riley quickly closed his arguments.  It was an appropriate ending to a special morning in the Supreme Court […]

  • Ruminations From the Cannabis Digest Editor

    (image: animalnewyork) By Judith Stamps Here is one of my favourite fantasies.  It is some time in the future.   The war on drugs is defunct, and cannabis is legal.  We are in the midst of a cultural renaissance.  The film industry is on fire, producing new ‘post prohibition movies’ every year.  Literary fiction on cannabis […]

  • The Extract Trial: Not Guilty

    By Owen Smith In April 2012, our argument for extracts had been successful in the BC Supreme Court, effectively legalizing medicinal cannabis extracts for federally licensed patients, and eventually their caregivers, in British Columbia. However, the judge ruled that my trial should proceed regardless of the constitutional victory because “society’s interests in having the charges […]

  • Extract Trial – Dr. David Pate – Cannabis Botanist

    (image: bubbleman fresh headies) By Owen Smith Our key expert witness during the extract trial in 2012 was Dr. David Pate. His expertise in cannabis botany would help the court understand how and where the cannabis plant produces its’ medicinal compounds. This would help us show that the restriction to dried marihuana is arbitrary and […]

  • Publishers Note: Highly Exciting Times

    By Ted Smith When Owen Smith was arrested for baking cookies over 5 years ago, there was no doubt in my mind that history was being made.  Since that fateful day, when he walked out of the apartment with no handcuffs and his head held high, Owen has been a modern hero.  At the press […]

  • The Extract Trial: Government Witnesses

    By Owen Smith Two years after I had been arrested and charged in the act of making cookies, lozenges, gel caps, and massage oils with cannabis infused vegetable oils, we would begin the trial that would hear the constitutional challenge that was recently before the Supreme Court of Canada. After Ted Smith testified, Gayle Quin, Gina Herman […]

  • Kirk Tousaw on RvSmith in the Supreme Court of Canada

    By Kirk Tousaw I recently had the privilege of arguing the R v. Smith medical cannabis extract case before the Supreme Court of Canada. That case involves whether the government’s medical cannabis regime violates the Charter because it restricts patients – even those who have qualified for exemptions from the general prohibition due to medical […]

  • Extract Trial: Dieter MacPherson and The V-CBC

    The Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club (V-CBC) is the beating heart of the Extract Trial. With thousands of active members, the discreet downtown Victoria dispensary founded by Ted Smith has served medical cannabis patients since 1996. The club barely skipped a beat after I was arrested and has since expanded and improved upon their product line. […]