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Ebola Vs. CBD; Good Doctors and Awesome Art – Cannabis Video Digest (EP 004)

Cannabis and Ebola; Persuading Doctors; Colouring Contest and more from the Cannabis Digest this week

Owen Smith is your Host


Oct 5

Ted Smith

“parish and government records indicate hemp was one of the crops grown in the Middle Ages, there should be little doubt it was used for fiber and seed.”

Relying upon sailboats to expand trade and conquer territories meant the English had to gain access to large amounts of hemp rope and canvas

With names of existing towns like Hemphill and Hempriggs, and many old places on maps with names such as Hemp-buttis, Hempisfield and Hempriggis, it is clear that hemp was an important sector in the local economy

Hemp in Old England – Cannabis Digest



Oct 6

Judith Stamps

“Outrageous taxes and enforced shortages have yielded a retail price of $25-30 per gram, three times the level charged by Washington’s collective garden dispensaries, or by Colorado’s shops, and four to five times the level of the street.”

But second, what Seattle pot aficionado is going to pay $30.00 a gram? Seattle’s shops will serve out of state visitors and local newbies. They’ll be eyewash to everyone else. As to the patients, they will do what they have to do. So will the rest of Seattle. So will the rest of the state.


Marijuana in Washington State II: The Recreational Side – CD

Judith Stamps analyzes the recreational side of Washington’s Cannabis…


Oct 7

Ras Kahleb

Jamaicans should be allowed to carry up to several pounds of Ganja on their person in accordance to their indigenous cultural rights and traditions.

These were once widely practiced during the 20th century, but unconstitutionally made illegal in 1939 by the Jamaican State

reform dangerous drug act

“the Sacramental Rights of the people who are followers of Rastafari will also have to be enforced by law if Medical Ganja and Industrial Hemp are to be enforced.”

A Pound of Jamaican Freedom – Cannabis Digest



Oct 8

Georgia Toons

Check out GeorgiaToons Amazing Cover and enter the colouring contest to win prizes

Georgia Toons – Halloweed Cover Issue 42 – Cannabis Digest

This years cover also has special meaning. It is my way of thanking Ted & Gail and the Cannabis Digest team for all that they do to educating the…



Oct 9

Owen Smith

Who are the best candidates to educate doctors about cannabis?
Other doctors.

Changing Doctors Minds About Cannabis – Cannabis Digest

Recognizing that instead of a gateway drug, cannabis is more like an exit drug for many patients as it helps them reduce their dependence on…



Oct 10

Dr. David Allen

It is reasonable to predict that inhibition of VEGF and other Cytokines by Cannabinoids during an Ebola infection will help an individual to survive this deadly disease.

The Ebola virus also attacks the adhesions between cells caused by the immune Killer cells to release of VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) which result in the destruction of the Tight Junction between cells and causes a fluid leakage between cells until bleeding occurs. The inhibition of VEGF by cannabinoids prevent the cellular junctions from haemorrhage.

In Summation; The US Patents prove down regulation of the immune system by cannabinoids may be a key in survival of HIV and may indeed translate into survival for Ebola patients. The direct Killing or Cidal effect of Cannabinoids is proven in HIV infections,(4) but not yet in Ebola. Inhibition of VEGF is crucial to prevent endothelial leakage and haemorrhage.

CBD Protective Against Ebola Virus – Cannabis Digest

Cannabinoids are emerging as a new class of drugs that treat infections of bacteria, fungi and virus by different mechanisms of action than any other…


Owen Smith
Owen has been writing for the Cannabis Digest since 2009, covering a wide range of topics related to medical cannabis. Owen’s articles are closely related to his constitutional challenge to legalized cannabis edibles extracts and oils. He is the founder of Ethical Growth Consulting

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