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  • Timeline – Marijuana Prohibition in the UK

    A Timeline of Marijuana Prohibition in the UK [i]   The Years 1928-1945   In 1928, the UK’s Dangerous Drugs Act comes into force, making marijuana illegal in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  This date places the UK at the midpoint of the dark era.  Dates of prohibition for other areas in the English-Speaking […]

  • Ebola Vs. CBD; Good Doctors and Awesome Art – Cannabis Video Digest (EP 004)

    Cannabis and Ebola; Persuading Doctors; Colouring Contest and more from the Cannabis Digest this week Owen Smith is your Host Notes/Links Oct 5 Ted Smith “parish and government records indicate hemp was one of the crops grown in the Middle Ages, there should be little doubt it was used for fiber and seed.” Relying upon […]

  • UK Drug Policy Slow to Shift

    High Cannabis Digesters!! First off, one of the good pieces of news to digest is the release of Marc Emery, the Prince of Pot, after almost 5 years incarcerated in a land he was not allowed to visit on his own. It is great to see him and his wife Jodie reunited. They are now […]

  • Hemp in Old England

    By Ted Smith Relying upon sailboats to expand trade and conquer territories meant the English had to gain access to large amounts of hemp rope and canvas.  Since being raided by the Romans, canvas sails made from hemp and hemp rope became very important for their navy and commercial fleets.  While most of this hemp […]