Running With Team 420

Herb has been at it again! This time the beloved mascot of the International Hempology 101 Society, and Team 420, has been spreading delight to the masses at the Victoria Times Columnist 10k Marathon. As onlookers lit up in cheer, Herb, worn by Ted Smith, dashed through the streets of Victoria manoeuvring through groups of fellow runners. The “bong crew” was in place, and Herb was able to make his “connection” a few times throughout the run.

Herb finished 5276th out of the more than 12,000 that completed the run, and finished 297th in his class. Herb completed the marathon in 1:06.02, which included several bong hit breaks along the way. This is his second such marathon, the first he ran was the Vancouver Sun run in May, 2010.

Herb has been shameless in his attempts to undermine the stereotype of the lazy pot-smoker and to motivate the couch-locked. In fact, that is the idea behind all Team 420—to have fun playing sports, while smashing the stereotypes and creating awareness.

The team is free, and anyone can join. The obligations are simple: wear the logo and have fun! You don’t need to buy a shirt, although they are available at the club and at Sacred Herb, in Victoria. You can paint, stamp, colour, cut, or create your own team 420 shirt, pants, shorts, or swimsuit and get into action. Put one foot in front of the other, and before you know it, you are out there enjoying an active lifestyle while promoting your healthy lifestyle choices. You will open the opportunity for people to ask you questions, and the door to creating new awareness. Give your body a treat and take it for a walk or a swim at the lake, just be sure to gear up before you go.

Post a picture in the Hempology 101 forums of yourself in action, to serve as an inspiration to other cannabis consumers. Keep a promise to yourself, while modeling the healthy lifestyle that cannabis can be a part of.

You don’t have to run marathons, or walk for miles. Any sport you take part in, any physical activity that you enjoy, can help tell the truth about cannabis consumers. We swim, we run, we ride bikes, and play games. We are about so much more than simply cannabis, yet in most cases we are able to take part in so much more because of cannabis’ influence and effect on our lives and bodies.

Team 420, in Victoria, is still getting together once a month to play frisbee golf. As I have explained in last edition’s article, frisbee golf is a sport for all ages and is a lot of fun. It appeals to all abilities, and can be as competitive as you want it to be.

With spring heating up the big outdoors, Team 420 Victoria has also been stepping up their activities to include dodge-ball in the circulation of events. After some practice and preparation, Herb and the team of cannabis super heros played in the Zone’s dodge-ball tournament, in June.

Dodge-ball aficionados, and the other teams were entertained by team 420’s costumes, and antics. Despite their losing streak at the tournament, the team had a lot of fun and challenged themselves. Once again, awareness was raised amongst the sporting, that cannabis consumers are everywhere, and not just lumps on the couch.

Have you taken on new physical activities and sports in the spirit of Team 420? Do you have a story to share of a conversation created because of your Team 420 gear? Be sure to drop into the hempology.


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