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  • Absolute Underground Interviews Ted Smith

    This article previously appeared at Absolute Underground Interview with Ted Smith Who are are we talking to today and what are you best known for? Ted Smith  Founder of the oldest medical dispensary in the world, the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club, author of HEMPOLOGY 101: THE HISTORY AND USES OF CANNABIS SATIVA, publisher of the […]

  • Cannabis Debates Coming to Victoria

    Ted Smith With the legalization of cannabis just around the corner in Canada, there is a great deal to discuss.  Giving stakeholders an opportunity to debate various points regarding the use, production and distribution of cannabis should contribute to the public discourse.  Taking advantage of this opportunity, the International Hempology 101 Society will begin hosting […]

  • June 11- New Date For International Medical Marijuana Day

      Ted Smith After over 20 years of using various dates to raise awareness about cannabis on International Medical Marijuana Day, a day with special meaning for many cannabis patients in Canada has been chosen to celebrate.  Last year the Supreme Court of Canada handed down a unanimous decision protecting the rights of patients who […]

  • CANNABOND Sales Over

    Ted Smith Twelve years after releasing CANNABONDS, sales are officially ending today.  Anyone wanting to get the promised quarter ounce of cannabis will have to wait until 3 months after the new laws legalizing cannabis are passed before they can cash it in.  For now, the International Hempology 101 Society is very happy to announce […]

  • Cannabis Caroling with Hempology 101

    By Ted Smith Here is the last video blog with a story of the good old days of Hempology 101 that we created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the group’s existence in Victoria.  With so many great stories to tell it has been hard to pick the highlights, as I have attended or organized […]

  • Police Attack Hempology 101: Video From 2001

    By Ted Smith One of the craziest Hempology 101 meetings we ever held was in June 2001 at City Hall when the Victoria Police Department was determined to start arresting participants and causing chaos.  When I made this video blog I had forgotten about the video made that night by Tyler MacDonald and it is […]

  • Cookie Give-Away at the Empress Hotel

    The Story of the Great Cookie Give-Away at the Empress Hotel By Ted Smith With over 20 years of activism under my belt, I have many great stories to tell.  This month I will be sharing a few of my favourites to mark the 20th anniversary of Hempology 101 in Victoria.  Though many of these events […]

  • Hempology Crashes Crime Stoppers Convention

    By Ted Smith This month I will be sharing stories of the “good old days’ of Hempology 101 in Victoria as part of our 20 year anniversary celebrations.  Over the years I have attended or organized about 3,800 cannabis rallies, lectures, meetings, games, press conferences or conferences, but there are few records of the earlier […]

  • 20 Years of Hempology 101 in Victoria, BC

    By Ted Smith In the evening of Weds Sept 2, 2015, the International Hempology 101 Society will be celebrating 20 years of activism in Victoria with its annual march from city hall to the BC Legislature.  Activists from around the region are expected to join hundreds of local supporters, as few cannabis organizations have survived […]

  • Updates, Warnings and Suggestions # 44

    By Ted Smith It has been a busy winter preparing for the Supreme Court of Canada trial and there is much relief that it is over.  At least the hard work is over and now we are preparing to celebrate when the decision comes down.  Owen Smith has gone from our head baker to a […]

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