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Perceptual Framing, the Cannabis Activist, and the New Cannabis Industry

Judith Stamps Licensed producers that play well with others; licensed producers that don’t; MMAR producers; non-licensed producers; personal growers; soon to be licensed dispensaries (for profit and non;) publicly traded companies; for profit medical script writers; vape lounges; private sellers; brokers; bakers; insurers; bong shops; legal service providers; networking event producers; and tech support companies. […]


Cannabis Compliance in the UK

How Jim “Pinky” Starr is Legally Allowed to Bring Cannabis Into the UK By Mark Knowles Good news, in my last update I mentioned meeting U.K. cannabis activist Jim “Pinky” Starr, at the UK Hemp expo last year. Well, it looks like he has found a loophole in the law here in Britain, under article […]