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  • Ted Smith Draws Curtain After 22 Years Of Activism

    Twenty two years ago, at the tender age of 25, I started to attend Hempology 101 meetings and was infected with a passion that has fueled me in a course that would change Canadian history. That passion brought me together with the most incredible woman I have ever met, a woman who died at home […]

  • Perceptual Framing, the Cannabis Activist, and the New Cannabis Industry

    Judith Stamps Licensed producers that play well with others; licensed producers that don’t; MMAR producers; non-licensed producers; personal growers; soon to be licensed dispensaries (for profit and non;) publicly traded companies; for profit medical script writers; vape lounges; private sellers; brokers; bakers; insurers; bong shops; legal service providers; networking event producers; and tech support companies. […]

  • I Fought The Law And The Law Lost

    By Ted Smith Friday, March 20, 2015 will be forever etched in history as the day the laws prohibiting cannabis in Canada get proven to be counter-productive before the Supreme Court of Canada.  Never before has the highest court in the land been shown such strong evidence that the benefits of this incredible plant far […]

  • 8 things for Marijuana Activists to do after Legalization

    (image: Cannabis Culture) As we stand on the cusp of legalization in Canada thousands of marijuana activists across the country have spent decades and dedicated countless hours of their lives in the fight against prohibition. Congratulations Mr. and Ms. Marijuana activist! You can pat yourself on the back for a job well done! All that hard […]

  • Cannabis Compliance in the UK

    How Jim “Pinky” Starr is Legally Allowed to Bring Cannabis Into the UK By Mark Knowles Good news, in my last update I mentioned meeting U.K. cannabis activist Jim “Pinky” Starr, at the UK Hemp expo last year. Well, it looks like he has found a loophole in the law here in Britain, under article […]