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  • FAMILY TREES: Stories of the American Cannabis Farmer

    Owen Smith As Canada looks at legalizing Cannabis, we may have a lot to learn from places where cannabis legalization has been long part of the conversation. Just as Craft Cannabis producers in Canada are seeking a part in the new legalization plan, northern California’s family owned heritage cannabis farms are fighting for their place […]

  • Medical Cannabis in Perspective: Remembering Tod Mikuriya

    Recent moves on the part of two city governments in BC, in defiance of federal law, to regulate medical cannabis dispensaries, and similar moves in twenty-three US states over the past two years represent giant steps forward on the road to legalizing medical cannabis. Key builders of that road have been patients and their companions […]

  • University of California Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research

    (website: CMCR) Eliminating the Ignorance and Myth around Medical Marijuana By Dean Schwind In the last month of 2014, quietly and without fanfare or hoopla, the US Federal Government unceremoniously unfunded the war on medical marijuana.  The U.S. House of Representatives’ approval of the landmark Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment to the 1.1 trillion dollar “Cromnibus Spending Bill” […]

  • Hemp Rooting into American Industry Once Again

    (image: credit) By Diane Walsh Solid political support behind optimistic Congressional bills in the U.S. House and Senate and the “Farm Bill,” along the successful initiatives in Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon and Washington DC legalizing marijuana, spells game change. California has taken the lead in looking to register industrial hemp farmers. Kentucky is not far […]

  • The Shake from the Smoke: A Catalyst for Change

    By Allister Greene The shock waves have started. The epicenter is California, and though there is no surprise there, this is not an earthquake, this is a revolution, and this is legalization. In a very short time, all cannabis users, activists, and supporters worldwide, will be watching as Californians take to the busy ballot polls […]


    By Kristen Mann Jack began life in New York State on June 18, 1939, two years after the criminalization of cannabis in America, and at the brink of the Second World War. Jack lead a fairly normal child- hood, however, he lost his father at the beginning of his adolescence. At 17, during the height of […]