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  • Cannabis Carols are Coming to Town

    Cannabis Caroling has been an annual staple of the International Hempology 101 Society‘s community activities for many years. As always you are invited to join the crew for a smokin’ sing out on Wednedsday, December 21st outside The Ministry of Health (Blanshard and Pandora) in downtown Victoria. Starting at 4:20. To get a sense for what to […]

  • Sing a Cannabis Carol For the Holiday Season

    Owen Smith Medical cannabis patients may be celebrating this holiday season with festive infusions that relieve their pain and lift their spirits.  It has been a successful year for the cannabis movement from our Supreme Court of Canada victory to the election of a government friendlier to the plant. The Hempology 101 Society and the […]

  • Joints To The World

    (To the tune of “Joy To The World”)   by Ted Smith   Joints to the world! The crop is done; Let pipes and bongs be stuffed! Let every head prepare a joint And friends & neighbours puff And friends & neighbours puff And friends & neighbours puff!     Joints to the world! The […]

  • Cannabis is Growing in Town

     by Ted Smith     You better inhale, you better not cough Keep it all in and then you’ll get off Cannabis is growing in town   (CHORUS)   He’s growing a lot and growing it fast Gonna get out while the hydro lasts Cannabis is growing in town   He’s setting all his lights […]

  • The Cops Came Back

    (sung to The Cat Came Back) By Carol Pudwell   Our friend, Ted, had troubles with the law He was arrested one November for giving out some pot He tried and he tried to give cookies away He tried to give them out at the library that day   But the cops showed up to […]

  • Jah Bless You Healthy Cannabis

     by Ted Smith To the tune of “God bless you merry gentlemen”   Jah bless you health-y can-na-bis, let free-dom pave your way, Re-mem-ber Ter-ry Park-er, Was cleared one hap-py day, To save us all from leg-al troub-les, And stop the war some-day. O, Tidings of cookies and buds, cookies and buds, O, Tidings of […]

  • The 12 Days of Christmas

      (image: massroots) by Ted Smith     On the first day of Christmas My true love gave to me, A doobie in a pot tree. …     On the 12th day of Christmas My true love gave to me, 12 pounds of bud 11 rolling papers 10 female clones 9 Bic lighters 8 […]

  • Cannabis Carols

    Here are two more Cannabis Christmas Carols for your collection. If you would like the whole set, come out to the Ministry of Health , in Victoria, on December 22nd at 7 pm