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  • Child Welfare in the Cannabis Community

    How legal business owners and patients lose their children to the system’s most glaring loophole. By December Kennedy There are very few things that will instill more fear or more potent a panic than that of a parent faced with the thought of losing their children, yet inside an industry with thousands of jobs and […]

  • Pesticide Use in Colorado Cannabis Gardens

    (image: Vice News) By December Kennedy Ten years ago, you’d be hard pressed to find a cannabis garden with more than ten lights hanging. The 20 lighter I visited back in 2009 was the exception.  Despite the legality of medical cannabis gardens here in Colorado, even back then, the grower was still noticeably nervous about […]

  • Why Does Vancouver City Council Want to Ban Edibles?

    The recent announcement by the city of Vancouver to regulate medical cannabis dispensaries is causing a stir on all sides. The federal government immediately denounced the decision, Rona Ambrose repeating that dispensaries are not part of the legal Medical Marihuana regulations (MMPR). Licensed producers have spoken to the value of their service as superseding the […]

  • Marijuana in Washington State II: The Recreational Side

    Last week’s blog described medical marijuana in Washington State as a program in peril, due mainly to the peculiar implementation of I-502. This week I analyze the recreational side of things. As we know, the Initiative accorded the power to plan and regulate the new system to the State LCB. In what follows, I argue […]

  • Advertising Marijuana Part I:  Medicine Heals The Ailing Press 

      Wherever medical marijuana has taken root, officially speaking, ads for the plant have been bringing new life to newspapers.1 The Colorado Springs Independent (CSI) has recently put out a 48-page medical marijuana ad supplement, featuring retailers like  “Mile High Mikes,” “Happy Buddha,” and “Healthy Connections.” Village Voice Media now issues two advertising supplements: the “Chronic-le” in Denver, and “The Rolling Paper” in San Francisco and Orange County.  The Denver […]

  • After Prohibition We Will Still Need Cannabis Activists:  Lessons From Colorado

    We once had alcohol prohibition in North America.  The arguments that promoted it are depressingly similar to those that maintain cannabis prohibition today.   Both revolve around the notion that mind-altering plants harm children and families.  But there, as they say, the similarity ends.  Alcohol prohibition, for all its faults, was attended by widespread public dialogue.  Moreover, it didn’t last long.  Within half a generation, it was over and […]