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  • Margie’s Medicinal Cannabis

    I had never heard of juvenile arthritis until one day when I was working at the VCBC; a very warm and friendly senior couple, Ian and Margie came through the doors. Right away, I noticed two bright, contagious smiles while I served them, delighted to hear them express how cannabis had saved their lives. Margie […]

  • Cannabis Cookie Parties on June 11

    New Date For International Medical Marijuana Day After 20 years plus of using various dates to raise awareness about cannabis on International Medical Marijuana Day, a day to celebrate, with special meaning for many cannabis patients in Canada, has been chosen. Last year the Supreme Court of Canada handed down a unanimous decision protecting the […]

  • Medicated Cookies Face Possible Extinction In Victoria Dispensaries

    Ted Smith Proposed regulations for dispensaries drafted by staff for the Victoria city council suggest following the lead of Vancouver to prohibit cannabis edibles, but there is another option council may take.  Instead of an outright ban of anything but basic oils infused with cannabis, the city could adopt regulations that follow the policies laid […]

  • High Court Calls for Extract Interveners

    (image by Mark Lehtimaki) By Ted Smith Though a final date for Owen Smith to appear before the Supreme Court of Canada has not been set yet, Chief Justice McLachlin has formally invited interveners to file and given lawyers on both sides clear dates for submitting documents.  Many patients, caregivers, scientists and investors across Canada […]

  • Cookies in High Court: Appeal Takes Smith to Ottawa – PRESS RELEASE

    For Immediate Release   Thurs Sept 11, 2014   Victoria, B.C.: The federal crown has decided to go to the Supreme Court of Canada to determine whether patients should have access to cannabis extracts, appealing the Aug 14 BC Court of Appeal decision in the Smith case.  No date has been set yet.  For many […]

  • Cookie Power: How Baking Cookies Has Changed The Law

    By Ted Smith Last week the BC Court of Appeal struck down the federal regulations restricting patients to using dried marijuana in a case regarding Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club ex-baker Owen Smith.  Patients now have the legal right to possess and make cannabis derivatives in Canada, providing access to life-saving medicines while opening up huge […]

  • Cannabinoids Matter

    The case for legalizing extracts In my last article I described visiting the BC Court of Appeal, and laid out some of the arguments for and against the legal extraction of medical cannabis in Canada. As we wait for a decision on my constitutional challenge, south of the border, in the U.S., there is a […]

  • Baker’s Journey Through Court

    Baker’s Journey Through Court Smith acquitted, Crown will appeal extract ruling By Owen Smith   In the past two articles (Concentrating on Cannabinoids and Criminal Trials or Clinical Trials) , I explored in detail some of the pivotal points that came from the recent successful constitutional challenge that I helped bring before the Supreme Court […]