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  • Normalizing Cannabis Culture: A Few Cultural Hurdles

    Judith Stamps As we start to think about legalizing cannabis, it is useful to consider the mental and social barriers that are likely to keep 35% of Canadians hostile to it.  Some hurdles are likely to remain for at least a generation, maybe even two.  Here are four worth examining. 1. We lack confidence in […]

  • Thoughts on fragmentation in Cannabis Culture

    Cannabis and the Problems of Modernity: Thoughts on fragmentation in Cannabis Culture By Judith Stamps 1. Under the Best Circumstances, Communication is Difficult. If you had lived in a pre-20th century rural community, or small town, you, your spouse, your friends, and your workmates would have shared a history, and a common culture.  You would […]

  • Some Thoughts on Thomas King Forcade

    (High Times: Jan 1993) By Judith Stamps   We remember Thomas King Forcade, if we remember him at all, as the creator of High Times, the Cannabis magazine that turned forty in 2014.  We are unlikely to recall much more, however, as Forcade kept an aggressively low profile.   His name never appeared on the masthead.  […]

  • A Pound of Jamaican Freedom

    The GFGPA’s Recent Call For A One Pound Amnesty The Ganja Future Growers and Producers Association (GFGPA) are increasing their social justice activism towards Ganja reform in Jamaica with an immediate call to the Government for a One Pound Amnesty.  The idea of a One Pound Amnesty was recently introduced to the GFGPA by its […]

  • A Note From The Publisher

    Ted Smith Publishing a newspaper printed on trees goes against any of the most important reasons I became involved in cannabis activism 16 years ago. When I first arrived on the west coast of Vancouver Island in fall of 1994, I was stunned by what I saw. It was not the beauty of the Clayquoet […]

  • EDITORIAL: Rolling Into 2011

    Andrew Brown Editor Happy New Year! This year should prove eventful for the cannabis movement, and we can only hope that the common sense switch gets turned on for our law makers and politicians. Bill S-10 is digging its teeth into the House of Commons after passing Senate in December. This is the single most […]

  • Compassion falls in Quebec

    A look at the recent raids that put medical users and compassion clubs accross Canada on edge   A chill swept through the Canadian cannabis community as word spread of compassion clubs being raided throughout Quebec, on June 3. When the smoke cleared, there would be five clubs shut down by police in Montreal and […]


    Cannabis dispensaries in Canada, due to a lack of regulation, all operate under unique and individual mandates. As such, the membership requirements of each dispensary differ. We recommend travelling with a copy of your original proof of condition (doctors note) which the CBC of C staff will be happy to provide. It is also recommended […]

  • The Decline of Islamic Hashish Culture

    An excerpt from the forthcoming book Cannabis and the Soma Solution (Pt.1) By Chris Bennett Current Canadian and European Government attempts to link cannabis with schizophrenia through funded studies, have their historical predecessors in nineteenth century India and the Mid East, when Britain and other European countries tried to demonize the effects of indigenous cannabis […]