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  • Playing ‘What If.’ A Preface to Public Debates on Regulating Cannabis.

    One day this month, the Canadian Task Force on legalizing and regulating cannabis will announce its proposed program. Meanwhile, on May 9th 2017, BC residents will face a provincial election. At issue for cannabis fans in BC is the fate of the local cannabis industry, a multi-billion dollar economy representing growers, processors, dispensary owners, and […]

  • Cannabis and the Federal Leadership Debates

    By Judith Stamps Last Thursday, August 6, 2015, the leaders of Canada’s four major political parties participated in a debate hosted by MacLean’s Magazine.  Canada has just entered its 42nd federal election campaign; the election is set for Monday, October 19.  It’s an important election for the cannabis community; patients hope for a better deal […]

  • How NOT To Have a Public Debate on Legalizing Marijuana

    Notes on the February 4th Event at the University of Victoria   Last Wednesday I trotted off to UVIC’s Farquar Auditorium to listen to a ‘debate/discussion’ on legalizing marijuana, put on by the UVSS—the student society.  They had organized a panel with four speakers, two pro, two con.  On the pro side were activist Marc […]

  • The Great Trudeau Debate : For

    You can take it to the bank. By Cam Birge Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberal Party can be trusted to introduce legislation to legalize marijuana in Canada should they form a majority government following the federal election expected to be held in October of 2015. History teaches us not to take a politician at […]

  • The Great Trudeau Debate : Against

    The Hollow Chocolate Easter Bunny That Is Justin Trudeau By Russel Barth The media have been saying that the Justin Trudeau Liberals will legalize marijuana if they get into power. Trudeau has been saying things along those lines, I will admit, but he has promised nothing, and it is not yet an official party policy. […]