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Editorial: Thoughts For a New Year

2017 promises changes that border on the torrential, some good, far too many, bad. Astoundingly good is the promise of Cannabis legislation in Canada, or at least new steps in that direction. Not good is the Trudeau government’s demonstrated sympathy with Canada’s hyper regulated, hyper securitized Licensed Producers, set, if they get their way, to […]


Issue 32 – Spring 2012

CONTENTS Bill C-10 Rushed Through Updates, Warnings, Suggestions Editorials Stop the Violence B.C The New Face of the NDP Toronto Vapour Lounges The Bakery Trial Crumbles MMAR Hempology 101 on Campus Science in the Bakery Trial Hemp Fabrics Cannabis Law and Native Americans Women Fight Cannabis Laws Wordsearch / Comics CREDITS Publisher Ted Smith <> […]


Editorial: Growing From Seed

Andrew Brown Editor So here we are watching as nuclear reactors leak radiation, facing one of the worst years of global food production, with soaring fuel and energy prices, and corporate hands reaching through our governments creating Orwellian laws that defy sanity. It’s hard to be optimistic with all of the chaos around us. I […]


Issue 28 – Spring 2011

Contents Credits Cookie Trial Updates, Warnings, Suggestions California Dreaming Publisher’s Note Editorial Canada Votes North Island Club Raided UK Updated Product Development Team 420 John Anderson Interview Industrial Hemp Farming Mexican Drug War Dana Larsen Interview Justice Matters Just Jakes Gets Hempy Member Profile The Hicks Hemp Clothes Hempology 101 Crossword Club Listings and Supporters


Issue 27 – Winter 2011

Contents Credits Updates, Warnings, Suggestions California Dreaming Publisher’s Note Editorial Letter to the Editor Bill S-10 The American Votes Michelle Rainey Melanoma and Cannabis World’s Oldest Club Turns 15 Hemp Car Making Hemp Paper Hempology Wordsearch Comics Club Listings and Supporters