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  • Play the Extracting Cannabis Wordsearch

    Back by popular demand of the Cannabis Digest readership, the Spring Issue #52 features our cannabis wordsearch puzzle. Find some of the many ways of Extracting Cannabis from this mix of letters. If you don’t have a Cannabis Digest newspaper; you can Print the Puzzle, but be sure to ask your local headshop or dispensary to order […]

  • Updates, Warnings, and Suggestions

    By Gayle Quin This has been truly one of the most amazing summers of my life. Not only do I feel healthier than I ever have before, but the synchronicity happening all summer has been astounding. Ted and I have been on two book tours, and to one music festival, selling his text book. The […]

  • A Note From The Publisher

    Ted Smith Time to get in the game, herb lovers! Seriously, if you believe cannabis should be legal then it is time for you to do something about it. Most people feel alienated from the political structures that created prohibition and are reluctant to become involved in letter writing campaigns, street rallies, or fundraising. Instead […]

  • Team 420

    GET IN THE GAME WITH TEAM 420 Getting active, getting involved, and getting high By Ted Smith Team 420 has a game plan—we want to get cannabis lovers playing games or sports, entering charities and tournaments, eating hemp food, wearing hemp clothes, and generally use cannabis as much as pos- sible. It will not be […]