Team 420


Getting active, getting involved, and getting high

By Ted Smith

Team 420 has a game plan—we want to get cannabis lovers playing games or sports, entering charities and tournaments, eating hemp food, wearing hemp clothes, and generally use cannabis as much as pos- sible. It will not be easy, but it can be done.

Though we only have a few regular, sponsored activities right now, anyone can buy or make a Team 420 t-shirt, sticker, button, flag, or banner, and enter themselves in a sporting event or organize a backyard game. Anyone wearing Team 420 at a public sporting event is helping to break the “lazy pothead” stereotype, and getting involved in the community and get- ting in better shape at the same time.

Team 420 first took the field last summer at the 2009 Zone/City of Victo- ria Dodgeball Tournament at the Save- On-Foods Center—and training will begin soon for this year’s Team. On the third Thurs. of each month, we gather on the fields of University West, in Victoria, to play dodgeball, frisbee golf, or kickball. We have made six frisbee golf tees out of PVC pipe that can be easily moved around a field or parking lot, making it easy on the trees and shrubs, which often get hit by Frisbees. You can also find us playing Fris- bee golf from 2 to 4 p.m. on the first Sat. of every month at Cedar Hills Corner, which is basically the southeast corner of UVic.

Plans to produce hemp fabric fris- bees are currently in the works, and they will hopefully be ready for sale by Fall for the East Sooke Park Frisbee Golf Tournament. Hemp pompoms and flags are also being worked on, though the hacky sack design is not working out very well yet. At this point, we have Team 420 t-shirts, stick- ers, and buttons for sale; Sacred Herb is currently the only place where you can buy them. That will change soon, and it will not be long before we are selling things on-line, too.

It is our goal to open a Team 420 sports lounge in Vancouver within the next few years, with a vision of spreading them around the world. The stores will sell grow equipment, books, and hemp prod- ucts, among other things, while providing a space for customers to drink healthy hemp- based drinks and foods with big screens showing athletes competing on the Team 420 webpage. We would like to open Team 420 sports lounges near athletic facilities and attempt to provide an opportunity for customers to play games, watch sports, and get fit.

Encouraging people who love cannabis and sports to wear the Team 420 logo at public events is a great way to bring attention to the subject, and have fun at the same time. Whether you are wearing a t-shirt cheering on the sidelines, wearing the sticker on your skateboard, or paying to enter Team 420 in a local charity, get in the game. Show the ignorant how athletic and fit cannabis consumers can be.

Go Team 420!