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  • Cannabis and The Green Party of Canada

    This is the Third part of a blog series concerning the upcoming Federal election. Get Out The Cannabis Vote – Part 4 of 5 By Beth Cormier The Green Party of Canada shares a similar view on cannabis as the Liberals – they support full legalization. They have been outspoken in their support of legalizing […]

  • Election Canada: Green Party and The NDP

    Political Movements in Canada, and Why It Is So Difficult to Judge the Leaders   By Judith Stamps To borrow a phrase from Harper, let’s be clear.  From Confederation onward, ruling parties in Canada have dealt inadequately with First Nations, racism, and child poverty.  Since the 1980s they have, in addition, dealt inadequately with affordable […]

  • Election Canada: Conservatives and Liberals

    Thinking About the Federal Election: Blog One: Conservative and Liberal Parties in Canada By Judith Stamps THE CONSERVATIVES.   In 1993, the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, then under the leadership of Brian Mulroney, suffered a severe collapse, finding itself with 2 seats in Parliament, 10 short of official party status.  The decade that followed […]

  • Politics and Pot…Uneasy Bedfellows

    Those who have known me for many years are aware that I have consistently advocated for major reforms to Canada’s drug laws. The current perception of drug users as faceless criminals needs to shift to include neighbours, co-workers, and family members.  As patients, individuals require access to cannabis for legitimate medicinal purposes and/or compassionate health […]

  • An Interview With: Elizabeth May

    The Greens on mandatory minimums and legalization Cannabis Digest: Do you know anything about Hempology 101 in Victoria, or what we do as an organization? Elizabeth May: No We have been involved in the Victoria scene for 15 years. We are an advocacy group for hemp and marijuana—both sides of the cannabis coin. We have […]