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  • Growing Cannabis: A Gateway to Gardening

    Cannabis plants have been cultivated since before anyone can remember; yet the skills and love for the art are only now set to be reintroduced to the public. With many ‘Reefer Madness’ myths being busted and banished, the ancient love and art of growing cannabis will soon be accessible to every adult in Canada.  The […]

  • Potting Up Clones

    Brent H.  Clone Corner Whether we know it or not there are always tricks to even the most seemingly simple task. Potting up a clone into its permanent residence is also a process that when done right, will promote speedy growth. Here is the process as discovered by our team of dedicated enthusiasts. Step One: […]

  • The Clone Corner Plant Cloning RECIPE

    Brent H. Clone Corner Riddle me this Riddle me that, how do I get my plant roots to act? We all love this plant and what it can do, yet what seems like an easy endeavour can become troublesome when propagating cuttings from mother plants. Here are some tips to follow that will make all […]

  • What the Judge Said on Patients’ Rights, and What Health Canada Can Do Next

    What the Judge Said on Patients’ Rights, and What Health Canada Can Do Next Judith Stamps Canadians who are ill, and who believe they are obtaining relief from cannabis, have a constitutionally protected right to grow their own medicine. So said Justice Michael Phelan of the BC Federal Court on February 24 2016. At least […]

  • Federal Court Ruling Protects Patient Gardens

    Ted Smith A huge wave of relief swept across the country this morning as a federal court judge handed down a ruling protecting patient gardens.  In 2014, a new medical cannabis program, the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, was enacted by Health Canada, replacing the Medical Marijuana Access Regulations which had allowed patients to grow […]

  • Dr. Allen’s 16 Hour Dark Photoperiod

    David B. Allen M.D. Cannabis plants need 12 hours of continuous darkness to produce flowers. Interrupting the dark cycle with light, even briefly, inhibits the plant’s ability to flower. This demonstrates that the enzyme system for flowering requires 12 hours of continuous darkness (or low light) to produce flowers. Plants in nature are not exposed […]

  • The Transferable Skills of a Cannabis Grower

    Let’s hear it for the Challengers   By Dean Schwind The other day I had the opportunity to have lunch with an old friend. When I say friend I should really say teacher, mentor, guide, or adviser when speaking about this particular guy. He taught me every useful thing I know about growing cannabis. Of […]

  • Patient Injunction Matters To Every Cannabis Consumer

    (image by Mark Lehtimaki) By Ted Smith The future of legalization in Canada is about to be determined by a judge in Vancouver.  On Monday Feb 23, lawyers will square off in the Federal Court of Canada over whether patients allowed to grow cannabis under the old Marijuana Medical Access Regulations should still have that […]

  • Why Grow Organic Cannabis?

    (image: marijuanagrowershq) By Amie Gravell The question most often asked about organics is why use farming practices that were abandoned for easier, bigger yields? There are a wide range of products now readily available for anyone who wishes to choose organic. From food to clothing to personal care products, there are an ever growing number […]

  • The Myth Of The Marijuana Millionaire

    Having spent the better part of 10 years behind the counter at two of the largest hydroponic supply stores on Vancouver Island, I’ve been involved in the design and set up of hundreds of grow ops. From bedroom closets and dingy basements to high tech warehouse operations, I’ve seen it all, and rode the wave […]