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  • Understanding Cannabis Concentrates

    Hanna Kyla-Junnila What is a cannabis concentrate? Under the general term of cannabis concentrates falls any product obtained through an extraction process. Solvents (i.e. butane, propane, CO2, ethanol) are used to strip the cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant, leaving behind a highly concentrated, highly potent end product. It is important to note that […]

  • Shatter Stereotypes

    Shattering the Stereotypes A Look into the Medicinal Uses of Cannabis Concentrates It’s been called the “Tequila of Marijuana“(1)  the “Crack of Cannabis” and “Marijuana on Steroids.“(2) New concentrated forms of cannabis have become the latest demon for the languishing purveyors of prohibition, used to conjure dread and alarm.  They follow the path of the […]

  • Hand Rubbed Hash

    By Owen Smith While not as ideal as dry sifting and making water hash, hand rubbing is the most basic method of separating the medicinal trichome heads from the body of the plant. This important step is at the centre of the constitutional challenge that I took to the Supreme Court of Canada in March […]

  • Making Water Hash

    (image: MedicalJane) Water hash is another simple way to extract the trichome heads from the bulk of the cannabis plant. This important step in obtaining the desired medicinal compounds without ingesting the bulk of the plant was at the center of the constitutional challenge that was recently affirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada. Using […]

  • Making Dry Sift Hash

    (Image: Fresh Headies) Making Dry Sift Hash Separating the medicinal ingredients stored in the trichomes head of the cannabis plant from the remaining inert material might prove to be the single most important step in making clean cannabis medicines. The bulbous glandular reservoir dangles precariously, like the cap of a glass mushroom, waiting for the […]

  • Extract Trial – Dr. David Pate – Cannabis Botanist

    (image: bubbleman fresh headies) By Owen Smith Our key expert witness during the extract trial in 2012 was Dr. David Pate. His expertise in cannabis botany would help the court understand how and where the cannabis plant produces its’ medicinal compounds. This would help us show that the restriction to dried marihuana is arbitrary and […]

  • The Club Des Hashischin

    In the 19th century many intellectuals in Europe were very curious about the use of various plants for mystical experiences.  Indeed, with the decline of the church’s ability to condemn people to death for using mind-altering plants, the 1800’s were the first time since before the Dark Ages that anyone in the western world could […]

  • Hash eating Hashishin

    One of the most fascinating societies to have existed are the Hashishins.  This Islamic sect lived in the mountainous areas of modern day Iran and Iraq, building formidable defences between the 10th and 13th centuries.  Most commonly known as the Assassins, this culture struck fear into the hearts of every ruler nearby despite their heavy […]

  • Winter of Hash? Has Smith created legal lacuna for extracts?

    Winter of Hash?   Has Smith created legal lacuna for extracts? All of the impacts of the recent Smith decision in the BC Court of Appeal have not been fully understood and many questions remain.  While the lawyers debate about how the government will respond, there are a few points I would like to raise about […]