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  • The Club Des Hashischin

    In the 19th century many intellectuals in Europe were very curious about the use of various plants for mystical experiences.  Indeed, with the decline of the church’s ability to condemn people to death for using mind-altering plants, the 1800’s were the first time since before the Dark Ages that anyone in the western world could […]

  • Hash eating Hashishin

    One of the most fascinating societies to have existed are the Hashishins.  This Islamic sect lived in the mountainous areas of modern day Iran and Iraq, building formidable defences between the 10th and 13th centuries.  Most commonly known as the Assassins, this culture struck fear into the hearts of every ruler nearby despite their heavy […]

  • Islam and Hashish

    By Ted Smith While it has been understood that hash has been used by Islamic followers since its beginnings, the history of cannabis in that religion has been obscured and hidden.  Certainly hash was not an integral part of the life of Mohammed, but it is not certain whether or not he ever used it […]

  • The Decline of Islamic Hashish Culture

    An excerpt from the forthcoming book Cannabis and the Soma Solution (Pt.1) By Chris Bennett Current Canadian and European Government attempts to link cannabis with schizophrenia through funded studies, have their historical predecessors in nineteenth century India and the Mid East, when Britain and other European countries tried to demonize the effects of indigenous cannabis […]