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  • Complete Hempology 101 Textbook Free Online

  • Publishers Note: 50th Digest Dedicated to Gayle Quin

    We have dedicated this issue of the Cannabis Digest to the inspiration of our publication: Gayle Quin.  My love died peacefully in her home on Thursday September 22, 2016 after a long battle with cancer.  Long before we were partners she convinced me to start a newsletter to inform the members of the Victoria Cannabis […]

  • V-CBC Silent Art Auction Fundraiser

    The Hempology 101 Society is hosting an Art Auction to raise funds to help the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club continue to provide top quality services to their members. RSVP to the Facebook Event Page Visit Victoria’a oldest cannabis dispensary at 826 Johnston Street in downtown Victoria. Peruse the local art displayed on the wall and make […]

  • Absolute Underground Interviews Ted Smith

    This article previously appeared at Absolute Underground Interview with Ted Smith Who are are we talking to today and what are you best known for? Ted Smith  Founder of the oldest medical dispensary in the world, the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club, author of HEMPOLOGY 101: THE HISTORY AND USES OF CANNABIS SATIVA, publisher of the […]

  • Herb Ready To Spring Into Action

    Ted Smith There is no better way to prove that cannabis does not make you lazy then to get up early in the morning to run 10 kilometers in a 12 foot tall pot leaf costume.  Doing it at a large half-marathon, with a bong hit station halfway, is the best way to get the […]

  • June 11- New Date For International Medical Marijuana Day

      Ted Smith After over 20 years of using various dates to raise awareness about cannabis on International Medical Marijuana Day, a day with special meaning for many cannabis patients in Canada has been chosen to celebrate.  Last year the Supreme Court of Canada handed down a unanimous decision protecting the rights of patients who […]

  • Full Issue – Fall 2015

     Full Issue – Fall 2015, Cannabis Digest

  • What Is a Cannabis Activist, and Who Cares Anyway?

    By Judith Stamps On November 3rd 2015 Ohioans rejected an initiative to legalize recreational cannabis.  It was a bizarre initiative, backed by a cartel of investors who, had it passed, would have retained exclusive rights to cultivation, production and sale.  It was a blueprint for a clan set to transform itself into a dominion.  The […]

  • Publisher Note: The Critical Moment

    By Ted Smith After years of hard work by many people, the Cannabis Digest is growing by leaps and bounds. Its potential, though, is still much greater.  With so much happening in the cannabis scene, the limits seem boundless. For dedicated readers, the 12-page growth spurt we have just experienced will be obvious and impressive.  […]

  • Cannabis Caroling with Hempology 101

    By Ted Smith Here is the last video blog with a story of the good old days of Hempology 101 that we created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the group’s existence in Victoria.  With so many great stories to tell it has been hard to pick the highlights, as I have attended or organized […]

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