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  • Some Thoughts on Thomas King Forcade

    (High Times: Jan 1993) By Judith Stamps   We remember Thomas King Forcade, if we remember him at all, as the creator of High Times, the Cannabis magazine that turned forty in 2014.  We are unlikely to recall much more, however, as Forcade kept an aggressively low profile.   His name never appeared on the masthead.  […]

  • Holy Smoke! – 5 Faiths That Praise The Pot Plant

    By Calli Walton Cannabis has grown and evolved alongside humans for thousands of years. Evidence has come forward that our relationship with the Cannabis plant dates back to (and may have even been a cause of) the neo-lithic revolution at the end of the last ice age. It comes from the Earth and provides us […]

  • Review: Cannabis and the Soma Solution

    By Ted Smith For anyone who believes pot smoking started in the 1960s, I have the book for you. Unraveling the secrets of cannabis that time has hidden, Chris Bennett, in his new book Cannabis and the Soma Solution, has established that the herb was the primary plant medicine used for spiritual purposes in ancient […]

  • Marc Emery’s Fight of His Life

    Marc speaks about activism, extradition, and the road from London to Vancouver It is unusual in this era of politics for members from opposing political parties to combine the efforts and agree that something is important. On Mon. Mar. 15, this is exactly what happened. It was a victory, of sorts, for Marc Emery, and […]