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  • Dispensaries and the New Legalization in Canada

    Interviews: Alex Robb, Robert Laurie, Kirk Tousaw, and Dana Larsen.  Victoria BC currently has 28 dispensaries. Of these, 8 are licensed, and 5 more are in process. Vancouver BC has 15 licensed dispensaries; and over 100 in total. We can divide these roughly into two categories: about to apply for a provincial license in the […]

  • Study: Cannabis Provides Greater Relief to Men Than Women

    A new study suggests that men receive greater pain relief and pain sensitivity from smoking cannabis than do women, according to researchers with the New York State Psychiatric Institute and Department of Psychiatry and the Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC). In the study, forty-two men and women smoked identical amounts of cannabis in either active […]

  • Federal Task Force Medical Survey Exposes Flawed Legalization Scheme

    Ted Smith Survey #5- Accessing Marijuana for Medical Purposes Continued access to marijuana for medical purposes: It is anticipated that there could continue to be a need to enable access to marijuana for those who require it for medical reasons, but for whom reasonable access is not possible in the legalized context. This might require […]

  • Melding Medical and Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries: A Pragmatic View

    Judith Stamps On the Melding Medical and Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries: A Pragmatic View Interviews with Dana Larsen and Dori Dempster, with input from Neil Allard; Jason Balaam; Maureen Bourke; Sarah Campbell; Marc Emery; Nicholas Fraleigh; and Martin Lee. The Backstory. Cannabis is an ancient medicine and spiritual balm. During its prohibition in the early 20th […]

  • Cannabis and Opioid Induced Constipation

    OIC (Opioid Induced Constipation) How Does Cannabis Help? I recently saw a TV commercial for the treatment of Opioid Induced Constipation. A drug for the effects of a drug; not a side effect…it’s just an effect. With opioids that have been declared a national emergency and epidemic in North America, I see this as the height […]

  • Weed Out Punishment for Athletes Using Medicinal Marijuana

    Weed Out Punishment for Athletes Using Medicinal Marijuana  Jason Heit When will the sports governing bodies recognize medical marijuana as an alternative to prescription painkillers? Failed drug tests for marijuana consumption have been a consistent problem in sports. Sports leagues and governing bodies like the NFL, NBA, UFC, Athletic Commissions, World Anti-doping Association, International Olympic Committee and […]

  • Thoughts on the Distinction Between Medical and Recreational Cannabis Use

    Judith Stamps Last month in her article for Canlio, The Trouble With Defining Cannabis Use, Jamie Shaw walked us through some of the difficulties in deciding how to divide the medical uses of cannabis from the recreational.  As we approach legalization, this distinction takes on new and urgent meanings.  In the upcoming system, there should […]

  • Beyond Big Money: My Medical Cannabis Research Wish List for Santa

    Judith Stamps On December 3 2015, The Arthritis Society, a Canadian national organization, hosted a roundtable discussion in Vancouver BC to identify priorities for medical cannabis research.  In the past two years a number of Canadian organizations have held cannabis forums.  Among these are The Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids; Liftcannabis.ca, which hosted […]

  • Interview with The Dutch Office of Medicinal Cannabis

    By Patrick Dewals Dewals: Doctor van de Velde how long does the DOMC exist? van de Velde: In 1998, the former minister decided to set up the bureau. But because of the regulatory and legislative work associated with the drafting of a new government agency, it took until 2001 before the office was actually installed […]

  • Top 10 Reasons Why Canadian Physicians Will Come to Love Cannabis

    by Jerry Golick Every day we hear stories about Canadian citizens seeking permission to use cannabis as a medicine and being frustrated by doctors unwilling to prescribe. A good friend of mine challenged me to write a top ten list of why, sooner or later, Canadian health professionals will have to accept medical cannabis: Number […]