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  • Weed Wordsearch – Cannabis Edibles

  • How to say popular weed words and phrases in sign language

  • Cannabis, and the Trouble with the Doctors

    Ever wonder why, despite the heroic efforts of a few doctors, Health Canada, the Canadian Medical Association, provincial medical associations, and local health authorities, are still miles away from accepting cannabis as a medicine? Here’s a brief history that sheds a little light on ignorance, 21st Century Style. The Golden Age Although cannabis is an […]

  • Pottawa: Ottawa Becomes Cooler Than Ever

    Russell Barth I sometimes think that if Earth ever joined some sort of Galactic Federation, Ottawa would be known throughout the galaxy – not just the world – as the lamest place to visit. Name anything from public transit to entertainment to City Council, and if you don’t find yourself getting bored or angry, you’ll […]

  • Eulogy – Marc Paquette (1955-2016)

    Johnny Dupuis In loving memory of my old time friend Marc Paquette (1955-2016) who passed away at the age of 60. My name is Johnny Dupuis, and I knew Marc Paquette very well. It is incredibly hard for me to write this piece, as it makes me feel pretty sad. I first met Marc in […]

  • Medicine Woman: The Many Ways Gayle Quin Fights Cancer With Cannabis

    Ted Smith For over 5 years, since having her right breast and part of her armpit removed full of cancer, Gayle Quin continues to survive in large part due to the healing properties of cannabis.  Though she has been using cannabis to deal with various medical issues since the age of 13, there is no […]

  • Police Raid Plans: Are You Prepared?

    Ted Smith Anyone working in the illegal cannabis industry needs to be prepared to get arrested at any moment.  A recent rash of police raids on medical cannabis dispensaries across Canada have shown that some organizations are much more prepared than others to deal with the consequences.  Since the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club survived 4 […]

  • Teaching Cannabis Medicine in Canada: Interviews with Dr. David Hepburn and Dr. Robert Sealy.

    In every five years of their professional lives, family physicians and specialists in Canada must complete 250 credit hours of Continuing Medical Education (CME.)  To fulfill this requirement they trudge off regularly to lectures, study sessions, and educational conferences.  In 2013 it became more likely that they could gain such credits in Canada by attending […]

  • How to Make Ganja Goji Lozenges

    One of the medical cannabis products I was making when arrested in 2009 was the V-CBC’s ‘Ganja Goji’ Lozenges. The result of my arrest was the launch of a (so far successful) constitutional challenge that has removed the prohibition on extracted cannabis products for thousands of ill Canadians. The benefits of sucking on a cannabis […]

  • Medical Marijuana: A Note of Caution

    By Dr. Lester Grinspoon, M.D. Like everyone else who has been working over decades to ensure that marijuana, with all that it has to offer, is allowed to take its proper place in our lives, I have been heartened by the rapidly growing pace at which it is gaining understanding as a safe and versatile […]