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  • Cannabis in Native American’s Culture and Religion

    By M. Allister Greene Less than 500 years ago, this land had tens of millions of people, from thousands of different cultures that lived from the Arctic to the tip of South America, and spread from one coast to the other, in every environment on these continents. We lived, we breathed, we fought, we loved, […]

  • Cannabis Sacrament or Demon Weed?

    Churches struggle to accept cannabis while some call to end drug war Cannabis and I did not cross paths, in any real way, until I was in my mid-twenties. Like a child who had just discovered the truth about Santa Clause, I had to compare notes with my peers despite the taboo. As a former […]

  • The Right to Grow Our Own Medicine

    By Matt Mernagh Gardening relaxes me. Even when I’m a little tired, or even plenty tired, there’s always a little time for my marijuana plants. Besides watering and pruning, I perform pilates and mediation. It’s important to stretch before performing manual labor. Especially if you are a chronically ill person who doesn’t get around very […]

  • Holy Smoke! – 5 Faiths That Praise The Pot Plant

    By Calli Walton Cannabis has grown and evolved alongside humans for thousands of years. Evidence has come forward that our relationship with the Cannabis plant dates back to (and may have even been a cause of) the neo-lithic revolution at the end of the last ice age. It comes from the Earth and provides us […]