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  • Jamaica Rising: From Legislation to Regulation

    Ras Kahleb In 2015 Jamaica became the first Caribbean country to decriminalize cannabis, despite its obligation to international drug treaties and pressure from the US. Given the fascinating and popular musical culture associated with heavy uses of ganja, either through a chillum and steam pipe, or a big head spliff, this legislation, according to many, […]

  • Rasta and High Times: The Jamaican World Cannabis Cup

    By Ras Kahelb Since the passing of the Ganja Bill in Jamaica new opportunities are being embarked upon by ganja farmers and leaders of the Rastafari community. Recently, an elder from the Nyahbinghi Mansion who is the Chairman of the Westmoreland Hemp and Ganja Farmers Association is Chairing both the Rastafari In Inity (a new […]

  • Jamaica Goes Medical and Sacramental: The Ganja Bill

    By Ras Kahleb “The Ganja Bill is a new dispensation…it is the first Public Act that recognizes Rastafari” Mark Golding – MOJ Since prohibition in Jamaica during the late 1930’s the ganja plant has been associated with madness and criminality. Like many other governments around the globe the Jamaican government in recent past has considered […]

  • Marley Natural: Rasta Merchandising vs. Intellectual Property Rights

    By Ras Kahleb Marley Natural is the world’s first global Cannabis brand featuring a line of products ranging from skin creams and oils to vaporizers and Jamaican grown strains of herb.  But the negotiation between the Bob Marley estate and Seattle based Privateer Holdings equity firm has raised the eye brows of the global Rastafari […]

  • A Pound of Jamaican Freedom

    The GFGPA’s Recent Call For A One Pound Amnesty The Ganja Future Growers and Producers Association (GFGPA) are increasing their social justice activism towards Ganja reform in Jamaica with an immediate call to the Government for a One Pound Amnesty.  The idea of a One Pound Amnesty was recently introduced to the GFGPA by its […]

  • The Early Exportation of Medical Ganja in Jamaica

    The Historical Rastafari Settlement at Pinnacle This year commemorates the 60thanniversary of the strategic destruction of the historical Rastafari settlement at Pinnacle by the colonial state of Jamaica. In legal possession of nearly 500 acres of land accredited to him in 1939, the Honorable Leonard Percival Howell, the most influential leader of the early Rastafari […]