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  • Why Hemp Oil Should Be in Every Cupboard

      By Diane Walsh Hemp oil: one of the intriguing “potions” that Mother Nature, with her bobbing head and knowing smirk, bestowed on us mere mortals long, long ago. From Earth, is this oil! It’s oil from a smart plant indeed. Into our imperfect and sometimes ill-stricken body systems, it flows—absorbed by the multitudes, over […]

  • Moses: High Priest or Priest Who Gets High?

    No one in the Old Testament commands as much respect as Moses.  He is a founding father of the Church, respected by the Jews and Christians for saving the Hebrews from Egypt and for bringing us the 10 Commandments.  Indeed some might argue there would be no Jews or Christians without him. What gave Moses […]

  • Jamaica Amends Its ‘Dangerous’ Drugs Act

    A Rastafari Perspective By Ras Kahleb “The reform measures approved by Cabinet have been primarily driven by the human rights and constitutional considerations prevailing in the Jamaican environment” ~ Mark Golding These were the words of Jamaica’s Minister of Justice, Mark Golding, during his address to the Jamaican people in regards to amendments being made […]

  • Updates, Warnings and Suggestions, Issue 41

    By Gayle Quin What a beautiful spring we have had.  Thanks, Mother Nature, for making up for a horrible winter.  My heart was full of empathy for all of you living in the East.  I hope your summer shines bright on your gardens and on your lives. I have greatly missed seeing all of the […]

  • Updates, Warnings, and Suggestions

    First off—WOW! Issue number 40. This feels more exciting than my 40th birthday will! It has been a great pleasure and joy to be able to contribute over the years. There have most certainly been a lot of changes, and more are on the way. I can finally say with conviction: “the end is near. […]

  • Publisher’s Note: Great Plains of Hempology

    Ted Smith By the time you are reading this I should be touring around the country promoting the Hempology 101 Textbook and the many benefits of cannabis. It seems fitting that it is coming to life just after my 43rd birthday. The first 42 years of my life have been a lot of fun. The […]

  • Hemp Food Reaching New Highs

    By Diane Walsh “Tastes like sunflower, looks like sesame”—a clever little catch phrase I picked up along the way, coining hempseed as a food to a tee. Be it hemp, morning shakes, peanut chocolate energy balls made of hemp, almond goji powerballs or apple-power porridge (available right here in Victoria, B.C.), finger-licking brownies, hemp “corn […]

  • Cannabis and the Foundation of Civilization

    By Ted Smith As early hunter-gatherers began to unlock the secrets of civilization, they also began forming symbiotic relationships with the plants that provided the fundamental resources necessary for survival. Primary among these symbiotic plants is cannabis sativa, whose relationship with humankind is hundreds of thousands of years old. The seeds of the hemp plant […]

  • Editorial: Growing From Seed

    Andrew Brown Editor So here we are watching as nuclear reactors leak radiation, facing one of the worst years of global food production, with soaring fuel and energy prices, and corporate hands reaching through our governments creating Orwellian laws that defy sanity. It’s hard to be optimistic with all of the chaos around us. I […]

  • The Other Side of the Leaf

    What are the other effects of full legalization that we may not be considering? By DF Douglas It is possible, just possible, that marijuana may be legalized in the near future in California as Prop 19 approaches in November. And as key components and industries come to consider the profits to be had in an […]