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  • Counter to the Clear Air Bylaw – The VCBC responds to Island Health

    Issue In 2018 the CRD passed amendments to the Clean Air Act to include cannabis smoking or vaping.  Recently both Island Health and Worksafe BC paid a surprise inspection to the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club, which has maintained a smoking room for patients at 826 Johnson St since 2001.  The club has been given an […]

  • Allow Vaping Here

    Owen Smith Establish Vaping Licences There used to be a movie theatre in Victoria that allowed people to smoke cannabis while they sat, laughed and ate lots of popcorn. People used to smoke cigarettes in restaurants and on airplanes. In recent decades, our awareness of the hazards of smoking has increased and governments have implemented […]

  • How I Saved My Life From Booze With Cannabis

    Ted Smith This May long weekend marked 20 years since I have had a drink of alcohol, a decision that I believe saved my life from one of misery and woe.  Having dedicated my life to cannabis, quitting drinking was an easy decision to make for many reasons and one I cannot imagine regretting.   There […]

  • Cannabis and Teamwork: The Blazers

    (Photo via Warren Chan) Owen Smith After I finished high school there were just a few social groups that I remained in contact with: there were my soccer buddies and my weed smoking friends, two groups that overlapped.  Part of this overlapping group were some of my closest friends.  After a day of smoking cannabis […]

  • The Benefits of Eating and Vaporizing Cannabis

    By Owen Smith When doctors talk about cannabis, many agree that although it’s a relatively harmless complex of chemicals, smoking it is an obvious problem. Medical cannabis patients know that the benefits of smoking are an instant relief of their symptoms, and the ability to regulate/titrate doses until their symptoms are relieved. Many patients know […]