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  • Into the Breach, Part 1

    Chris Clay “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.” – William Shakespeare I never even entertained the thought of failure, but there it was – with the Supreme Court ruling, the last, best hope for ending cannabis prohibition in decades had collapsed, and I was spent. It’s now twenty years since I was […]

  • The Extract Trial: Kirk Tousaw

    By Owen Smith Kirk Tousaw is one of Canada’s top Cannabis lawyers. Born in the state of Michigan, Kirk has been an advocate for cannabis legalization since high school. He obtained a degree in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy before moving to Vancouver in 2002. There he completed his Masters thesis on the “Malmo-Levine case” […]

  • Trial By Fire: Part 1

    A Retrospective Look at the Future of Canadian Drug Policy (Part 1 of 3) By Ryan Fink The past decade has seen much progress in what is fast becoming a revolution surrounding government drug policy and social attitudes toward drug culture in Canada. The endurance and proliferation across the country of illegal medicinal cannabis providers […]

  • Lifting the Illusion of “Dried Marihuana”

    Figure 1. The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, Schedule 2, Cannabis What exactly is ‘dried marihuana’? In April of 2012, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robert Johnston struck the term “dried marihuana” from the Medical Marihuana Access Regulations, refining the language to refer to all products listed as Cannabis in schedule 2 of the CDSA (figure […]

  • First ever Medical Cannabis case to reach the Supreme Court of Canada

    Last thursday we heard the news that my medical cannabis extract decision has once again been appealed by the Canadian Government. It is now destined to become the first case to present evidence regarding medical cannabis to the Supreme Court of Canada. The supreme Court does not typically accept new evidence and the government has […]

  • Cookies in High Court: Appeal Takes Smith to Ottawa – PRESS RELEASE

    For Immediate Release   Thurs Sept 11, 2014   Victoria, B.C.: The federal crown has decided to go to the Supreme Court of Canada to determine whether patients should have access to cannabis extracts, appealing the Aug 14 BC Court of Appeal decision in the Smith case.  No date has been set yet.  For many […]

  • Mernagh Loses Bad

    Appeal court overturns inaccessibility ruling By Al Graham In Apr. 2008, Matt Mernagh, who uses medical marijuana to deal with his fibromyalgia, scoliosis, epilepsy, and depression, was charged with the production of his medication. Unfortunately for him, he has been unable to find a doctor willing to sign the required MMAR paperwork, in order for […]