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  • U.S. Senator Emerges As Unlikely Medical Cannabis Supporter

    U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has emerged as an unlikely supporter of medical cannabis, stating in both committee hearings and interviews that he backs a limited overhaul of U.S. law on the issue. Graham — who waged a quixotic bid for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination before dropping out of the race last December — […]

  • Study: More Americans Using Cannabis, Finding it Less Harmful

    A new study has found a dramatic increase in the numbers of Americans who use cannabis, and also found that attitudes towards cannabis have shifted over time to reflect a wider acceptance of its use. The study — published in the British medical journal The Lancet Psychiatry — analyzed survey data from 596,500 adults gathered every […]

  • Early 20th Century Hemp Paper

    By Ted Smith In 1916, the USA Department of Agriculture published Bulletin #404, announcing to the world an important new discovery in hemp processing.  This discovery should have lead to a huge wave of interest in hemp, but ironically it was the trigger that lead to Reefer Madness as I will discuss in a later […]

  • Advertising Marijuana II: Political Distortions in Canada and the US

    With Seven Thoughts of the Day Thought One. ADS CAN BE DIRECT OR INDIRECT. INDIRECT ADS INCLUDE SAMPLES, FREE GIFTS, FREE TRIPS, PACKAGING, DÉCOR, AND SIGNS ON VANS 1. LIES. One form of advertising is packaging. In 2011, marijuana opponents in Colorado, aided by The Colorado Drug Investigation Association, tried to pass a bill prohibiting […]

  • Advertising Marijuana Part I:  Medicine Heals The Ailing Press 

      Wherever medical marijuana has taken root, officially speaking, ads for the plant have been bringing new life to newspapers.1 The Colorado Springs Independent (CSI) has recently put out a 48-page medical marijuana ad supplement, featuring retailers like  “Mile High Mikes,” “Happy Buddha,” and “Healthy Connections.” Village Voice Media now issues two advertising supplements: the “Chronic-le” in Denver, and “The Rolling Paper” in San Francisco and Orange County.  The Denver […]

  • Absurdities in the War on Drugs: A New Timeline

    1. The Indian Hemp Commission was carried out in India at the behest of British Parliament.  Some of the wealthier classes had complained that “Indian Hemp,” as Cannabis as called, was making the working classes lazy.  The Commission found the “hemp drug” innocuous.   2. Albert Hofmann discovered LSD in 1938.  In 1943 he took […]

  • Canna-Dunces: Suppression of Cannabis Science

    Suppressing Scientific Study of Cannabis is an admission of Ulterior Motives. There has been a virtual ban on scientific research on marijuana since the La Guardia Committee report came out in 1944. New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia, commissioned a scientific study of the effects of Marijuana during 1939-1944. In this study Mayor La Guardia […]

  • Cannabis and Diabetes

    In a study involving nearly 11,000 patients, The Third National Health and Nutrition Examination survey (NHANES III), reported in 2011, that Marijuana users had a 66% reduction in the incidence of Diabetes after adjustment for numerous potential confounding factors.1  This is just one of many new studies and patents that show a decreased incidence of […]

  • And Now For Something Completely Historical: Updating Reefer Madness

    Many readers will be familiar with the story of America’s War on Drugs. As most of us know it, the story goes something like this. Following political upheavals in Mexico in 1910, large numbers of Mexicans immigrated to the US, especially to the Southwest. For predictable reasons, the immigrants became objects of contempt. They spoke […]

  • Marijuana Protective in Strokes

    Cannabis or Marijuana has at least 60 compounds which are termed Cannabinoids and have medicinal effect. Two of those compounds, (Cannabidiol and THC) have both been proven to protect brain tissue from ischemic (low blood flow) type strokes. This was proven by the U.S. Government scientist working for the Department of Health and Human Services. […]