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Health Risks of Marijuana Use (James Geiwitz, Ph.D.)

Health Risks of Marijuana Use by James Geiwitz, Ph.D. September 19, 2001 Contents 1.0: INTRODUCTION 2.0: THE TOXICOLOGY OF THC 2.1: Genetic Effects 2.2: Pregnancy and Offspring 2.2.1: Pregnancy 2.2.2: Birth defects and brain development 2.3: Hormonal Systems and Reproductive Capabilities 2.4: Immune System 2.4.1: Suppression versus enhancement 2.4.2: Humans and disease 2.5: THC and […]


Will The Pot Laws Fall Again?

By Ted Smith Every once in a while, a court case determines the direction of Canadian society. It is a rare occasion when unique circumstances challenge the courts to strike a balance between individual freedoms and public security. Often precedent helps guide a judge towards generally accepted principals of justice that predetermine rules of evidence, […]


DEA Gets Hard on Compassion Clubs

By M. Allister Greene A license gives peace of mind that you are doing everything right and by the books in the eye of the law, but as state and federal governments fight over the jurisdiction of state’s power over the legality of medical cannabis, licenses have become a placebo when what’s needed is a […]


Paving The Way With Hempcrete

By Diane Walsh For enthusiasts, it’s all about cementing the power of the industrial hemp movement right into people’s homes. You might ask, squinting one eye, and jutting forward to re-read…Hempcrete? Say what! When it comes to hemp, the ranges of uses (including food, clothing, rope, paper, soap, cosmetics, and even fuel) are well-known. One […]


Proposed Changes to Health Canada’s Marijuana Medical Access Program

Posted  by Dieter Macpherson Below you find the the proposed changes to Health Canada’s MMAR program. Please share this information freely and use the link below to offer your opinions or concerns. To give Health Canada feedback on their proposed changes go to this link, and respond by July 31, 2011.   Original Source […]