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  • ‘The Box’ at the VCBC

    (Patient Perspectives – This is part of an ongoing series of blogs highlighting the perspective of medical cannabis users in the face of Canada’s plans to legalize cannabis.) Rhys Corson Why Vapor lounges should be allowed and also why consumption should be allowed in the workplace. For those of you whom have not experienced the […]

  • Victoria Stomping on Safe Consumption Sites

    Blunt Battle In BC Capital: Victoria Is Licensing Dispensaries But Stomping on Safe Consumption Sites In the future, it will seem absolutely absurd to everyone that cannabis products could be sold legally in stores, but somehow consuming them, even a pot cookie, remains a federal crime.  Yet somehow, despite being wise enough to create otherwise […]

  • Ashley Abraham and The Green Ceiling Vapor Lounge

    Owen Smith Victoria, BC has recently been blessed by the rise of it’s first independent Vapor Lounge, the Green Ceiling. Previously, a few cannabis members clubs had rooms to consume in but none match the facilities being developed by Ashley Abraham, Green Ceiling owner and operator. A stage sits front and center with big comfy […]

  • “Hey, Let’s Put On A Vapor Lounge Show!”

    Russell Barth The Story Of Ottawa’s First Weekly Marijuana-Themed Youtube Series For those unfamiliar with my previous activism work, I make a lot of videos. My Youtube page has over 370 videos, 1,782 subscribers, and it gets over 1,200 hits every day, with a total of over 3 million views. Almost all of those hits […]

  • Ontario Vapor Lounges and Patients Rights at Risk

    Tracy Lamourie It’s a confusing time for cannabis advocates in Ontario. On one hand, the canna community and the businesses that serve it appear to be flourishing. The vapor lounges have existed in the Toronto area for a decade; recently they have multiplied, and are popping up in smaller communities across Ontario. Dispensaries and compassion […]

  • The City Of Ottawa Is Dragged Kicking And Screaming Into The 21st Century

    Russell Barth There are two Ottawa’s really: The federal government Ottawa, that Canadians from coast to coast complain about when they watch TV or read the news papers; and the city itself. Having lived in Ottawa since Halloween of 1994, I have almost become accustomed to the cultural retardation that pervades so much of daily […]

  • Victoria’s Dispensary Rules Could Negatively Affect Patients

    Ted Smith While there is a great deal to celebrate, the new regulations being proposed for medical cannabis stores in Victoria, B.C. have a few serious problems.  Hopefully the members of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club will be able to convince the city councillors that amendments or exemptions to these regulations will help ensure this […]

  • HC Hustle; Concentrated Oil and Vapor Lounges (EP 012)

    The Health Canada Hustle; Concentrated Cannabis Oil; Toronto Vapor Lounges and more from the Cannabis Digest this week November 29nd – December 5th, 2014 with Owen Smith Subscribe to the Youtube Channel!   Saturday Al Graham part of a new commercial industry—a business that caters to consumers in a way to allow them to consume […]

  • Visiting Vapor Lounges in Toronto

    By Al Graham From where I’m sitting, it looks like cannabis is becoming more prevalent in our daily lives. It has become part of regular television, with programs such as Weeds and Weed Wars, and it’s part of our clothing industry, as many people have a shirt, a jacket, or some other article with a […]