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The breakfast of Champions – Georgia Toons

"Breakfast of champions... crackers, whipped peanut butter, bananas drizzled with RSO... ;D" Image - Georgia Toons
“Breakfast of champions… crackers, whipped peanut butter, bananas drizzled with RSO… ;D” Image – Georgia Toons
The other morning I was making something to eat, having issues with appetite I eat what I crave. When I became ill I was about 210lbs. Pretty chunky for my 5’6” stature, I will admit.  Then something in my brain ‘clicked’ and I lost 60 lbs in a few short months. Thrilled to finally be slim the first time in my life – lol (typical woman)  I had no idea it was  the first sign of a serious illness just around the corner.
Still today 4 years later – something has switched in my brain and now the opposite stands true I have trouble keeping weight on – without Cannabis – I’d have no appetite what so ever.  As I was making my breakfast of crackers with whipped peanut butter and bananas, drizzled with my favorite – Molasses!!
It occurred to me it looked like RSO.
I took a photo and a day later, after much thought I posted it… curious to see only how many would believe me.  I was surprised buy the reaction. The first was all the ‘likes’… it appears my breakfast looked appetizing to many. Next, I had several emails from some friends asking ‘what is RSO?’.  Many times I have mentioned before, yet none of these people asked me before…  drizzled on bananas got their attention.
Anytime you get someone’s attention and they ask questions, GOOD!
My own son who knows me better than anyone & also keeps me very grounded, commented that I joked about “some peoples Cancer medicine, some might see it that way…”  Storm on the other hand DOES know me, and knows my intentions are never to hurt anyone. Our own government & Health Canada seem to be quite capable of that.  I agreed – he had a point.  Make ‘fun of’ never… make light of perhaps.
Do I ‘think’ lightly of cannabis – NEVER, it  has saved my own son’s life and I’ll fight to  the death for it.  I am a  mom who does not want to see her only child suffer. He would without Cannabis.  BUT make light of a situation? Absolutely, some days I do.
I must or I fear I will SNAP!
You cannot pick up a paper without reading about some  ‘skum sucking, low life’ for lack of a better  name, that is abusing children. I read yesterday,  police have busted
a ring of pedophiles  who were sharing child pornography with some children as young as infants. Not ‘just photos of kids in bubble baths’… some in very serious sexual situations.  ;(   Nothing makes me feel more sick to my stomach.
How do people survive this world?
How do we continue to let our own government  and HEALTH Canada – presumably here to make us HEALTHY, threaten, frighten, abuse, degrade and punish sick Canadians over a plant?  In essence, never forget that is what it is.
I know several Canadians that are in fear of their life. We are two of them.
So make light of a situation?  Yes, I do from time to time, even with a few cartoons.
Try to make someone smile – that is my mission in life.  How I feel I can serve…
Make light of LIFE, YOU BET! The facts are – compared to some of the atrocities in this world right now, the amount of concentration, money and attention (lies) our government gives to Cannabis  is a JOKE.
I will continue to educate anyway I know how, and yes, from time to time I will continue to make ‘light of the situation’ called Life. I must or I will snap.  How about you?
Try to take away my sons medicine and you will see how NOT funny I can be.
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