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  • Saving Cannabis Culture; Ideas for Combatting the Post Regulation Blues

    Judith Stamps Sixteen days to go until Health Canada announces its new plan for medical cannabis, and hopes are sinking. Mine are, anyway. Dispensaries raids continue in Ontario, sending menacing vibes to Canada’s cannabis growers, the ones not sanctioned as LPs; to Canadian patients who choose dispensaries as the source of their medicines; and of […]

  • Jamaica Rising: From Legislation to Regulation

    Ras Kahleb In 2015 Jamaica became the first Caribbean country to decriminalize cannabis, despite its obligation to international drug treaties and pressure from the US. Given the fascinating and popular musical culture associated with heavy uses of ganja, either through a chillum and steam pipe, or a big head spliff, this legislation, according to many, […]

  • More Raids on Dispensaries? What in Tarnation?

    Judith Stamps The recent raids on medical cannabis dispensaries in the cities of Nanaimo and Toronto remind us how tenuous is the situation for storefront providers of cannabis medicine. They depend on the charity, good will and enlightened attitudes of city councillors, law enforcement agents, health officials, neighbours, and anyone else with clout. Doctors remain […]

  • Cannabis Plants, Like Cats, Require Minimal Regulation

    Be It Resolved That Cannabis Plants, Like Cats, Require Minimum Levels of Regulation, If Any: A Ramble on Regulations Judith Stamps Imagine a group of city planners and cannabis medicine specialists, designing a system for patient access. Because the oldest compassion clubs are, to date, the best available authorities on medical cannabis and community liaison, […]

  • Reasonable Regulations for Cannabis, Can they Exist?

    A Prologue to Reasonable Regulations for Cannabis, If Such Things Can Exist By Judith Stamps On Sunday, July 19, 2015, Conscious Living Network, a volunteer-based society in Vancouver BC, hosted its first Cannabis Conference.  The panel on cannabis policy was mildly polarized: activist Marc Emery expressed the view that there should be no regulations for […]

  • Why Does Vancouver City Council Want to Ban Edibles?

    The recent announcement by the city of Vancouver to regulate medical cannabis dispensaries is causing a stir on all sides. The federal government immediately denounced the decision, Rona Ambrose repeating that dispensaries are not part of the legal Medical Marihuana regulations (MMPR). Licensed producers have spoken to the value of their service as superseding the […]

  • Phantasmagorical Barriers to Legal Cannabis: A Gallery

    Phantasmagoria:  1a. Images seen with the magic lantern, 19th century precursor to moving pictures 2a. A constantly shifting, complex succession of things seen or imagined as in a dream or fever state… Spinners of future tales on cannabis history—fictional or non—will need to draw on the succession of dreams and fever states that have created […]

  • How Can We Regulate Cannabis Extracts?

    (image: HighTimes) By Owen Smith Patients, caregivers, advocates and now licensed producers are pressuring for the regulation of cannabis extract products. Canada’s prohibition on cannabis based medicinal extracts was struck down in British Columbia in 2012 and is under increasing pressure nationally as seriously ill Canadians are in need of the cleanest most effective form […]

  • The breakfast of Champions – Georgia Toons

    The other morning I was making something to eat, having issues with appetite I eat what I crave. When I became ill I was about 210lbs. Pretty chunky for my 5’6” stature, I will admit.  Then something in my brain ‘clicked’ and I lost 60 lbs in a few short months. Thrilled to finally be […]