The Cannabis Digest Evolves

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Cannabis Digest is preparing to evolve. If you are interested in what is happening in the cannabis movement, then this new development is important to you. After over 3 years of focusing exclusively on a quarterly print newspaper, the Cannabis Digest will be introducing daily blogs on June 1.

We have an impressive group of bloggers ready to keep you informed about current cannabis trends in Canada and throughout the world. With so much happening in this field, providing the public with an opportunity to learn how professionals approach various issues should prove popular. With the knowledgeable and dedicated crew at Cannabis Digest, it is easy for us to fill that role.

Our team of bloggers features Dr David Allen from the USA, retired UVic political science professor Judith Stamps and cartoonist Georgia Toons, with contributions from the core workhorses of the Cannabis Digest, Owen Smith, Dieter MacPherson and, myself, Ted Smith. Judith is also the new editor to the print newspaper and Owen is doing the layout. Every week we will feature another activist in a blog too, with several regular contributors already lined up for that.

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