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Halleluyah Hempy Popcorn Hack

Ingredients: Pure Cannabis Suppository, popcorn, butter, dill, garlic, parmesan, salt

Equipment: Popcorn popper, small skillet, utensils such as butter knife/spoon, bowl, paper bag, plastic bag


Enjoy and heal at the same time with a quick recipe that will increase appetite, decrease pain/tension and elevate mood as well as provide you with enough nutritional content that you could even call it DINNER.


This can be modified but the prime ingredients should not be messed with. Only adults need munch out on this, smaller humans will sleep a long time and likely eat you out of house and home when they wake so don’t share with kids.

Photographed by
Rick Collins is an editorial documentary photographer based in Victoria-Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The only ingredient that might be a challenge to access is a cannabis suppository. Your dispensary used to carry them but in these days of legalization, it depends on who you still know that has it. If you can’t access one of these delights, simply simmer your stalks and stems of leftover cannabis production (never throw any of this plant away… freeze everything you’re not using!) in coconut oil over night (that you’ve had in a low 250f oven for 20 min first) and use a couple tablespoons of this concoction as the driving force. The mgs of one suppository should be adequate for a single serving (albeit generous) of popcorn. Feelings of love may erupt if shared. 


Make your popcorn the standard way. I use an air popper and they’re easy to score at thrift stores for under $5. I tuck a paper bag into a plastic bag to protect surfaces and then I start to melt the drizz… 


The suppository is a good helper for edible preparation as it is already attached to fats and can fuse with anything you mix it with from here without needing additional cooking. There is nothing in the suppositories but cannabis and coconut so it translates from an internal suppository to an edible with zero problem. 

Get a wee skillet, drop in the stickyicky suppository or your stalkanall melts and after you combine it with some butter, how much butter is up to you, this is where you can be creative. If I’m making it dinner for myself, I melt in a minced garlic clove, a good spritz of dried dill and wild nettle I wildcraft, and then top it off with a couple of good gloobby crumbles of parmesan cheese.


Putting the paper bag in a plastic grocery bag allows you to seal up the paper bag when you’re done, to save the rest as fresh as possible for later. Its easy to squeeze out excess air and then tie the bag up tight. The fumes of garlic will permeate your snackage as it awaits your return and it will be fresh and crispy if consumed within a day or so.

I laugh here, because that’s never been tested… Its never lasted the night.

Eat your Halleluyah Popcorn responsibly! (Popcorn balls for tea parties! Hint Hint!)


Julia Veintrop
From an early age, Julia displayed a passion for writing and languages, a fascination with journalism and an amazing memory. Her career focus had been gaining skills and experience in many different fields of counselling. Her ambition to have a career as medical general practitioner was interrupted when she became very ill from cervical cancer and the procedures necessary to remove it, beginning almost seven years of severe medical issues. Using the written word as an avenue of release and feeling the miraculous benefits of cannabis first-hand, she developed her skills throughout her illness and shifted her focus to cannabis from the patient perspective. Today, she devotes her life to a cause she truly enjoys, cannabis activism, so that no one need suffer unnecessarily due to lack of education or access.