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Allow Vaping Here

Owen Smith Establish Vaping Licences There used to be a movie theatre in Victoria that allowed people to smoke cannabis while they sat, laughed and ate lots of popcorn. People used to smoke cigarettes in restaurants and on airplanes. In recent decades, our awareness of the hazards of smoking has increased and governments have implemented […]

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The New War On Cannabis Edibles

THE NEW WAR ON EDIBLES, or HEY, HAVEN’T WE DONE THIS ALREADY? There was much to celebrate last fall when on September 8, 2016, the Victoria, BC City Council decided, by a vote one-short of unanimous, to grant licenses to the city’s cannabis dispensaries. One of the best-liked features of this decision was the Council’s […]

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City of Victoria Cannabis Regulations Survey

Owen Smith The City of Victoria is currently exploring potential regulations relating to the operation of medical marijuana-related businesses within the municipality. There are only three days left to complete this survey created by the Victoria City Council to inform the regulation of medical cannabis dispensaries and other cannabis-related businesses. TAKE THE SURVEY HERE 20 years after the […]