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The Herb of Life – A Cannabis Fantasy Adventure


While challenging the Canadian Cannabis laws to legalize extracts for medical patients, Owen has written his experience into an action packed fantasy adventure. Not satisfied with making history by bringing the first ever medical cannabis case to the Supreme Court of Canada, Owen seeks to make a mythology where cannabis is re-instated as a sacred spiritual ally.

Rhyme your way through the 1st chapter of 13 chapters of this epic story, laden with lessons about how and why Cannabis can be considered The Herb of Life.

Herb of Life

by Owen Smith

Chapter 1

Believed to be seen in a lush green valley,
in the shadow of a mountain, in a kingdom by the sea,
was a boy on a farm with his small family,
who were known to sell a certain kind of seed.

But while bringing him a brother, the boys’ mother died
and his father, who loved her, was not far behind
and the sons were left under their grandmothers’ care,
a crone with high cheekbones and silvery hair.

She taught them to tend to the herbs and to render
the old medicines that so few now remember,
with the simplest of implements and a glimmer in her eye,
she’d dry the plants flowers and shake off a fine
powder, which was light and fluffy and allowed
her to dissolve into her bowl a very small amount
that she´d make into brownies and take around
to the hospital and all the sick people she found.

Like someone in pain, needing sleep or appetite,
with sore bones or glaucoma, to stop them going blind,
for skin irritations or migraine headaches,
or for people who uncontrollably shake:
her herbal remedies were beyond compare,
prepared with such attention to detail and care.

She´d also use the stalks of the herb to make ropes
and wove it as baskets and spun as clothes.
While her fortune was little, she would make the most
of this true Herb of Life, whose seeds she would roast
or press to make cakes, or squeeze for oil,
keeping secret its name for fear it would spoil
men’s hearts, who when governed by fear and greed
would steal for a flower, or kill for a seed.

As the boys grew they too mastered these arts
and created the tools that they´d need for the plants,
to separate the resins just like their grandmother
and make medicines like no other.

(Illustration by Sean Newton)

(The complete book is scheduled for release in 2015
Stay Tuned to for more info.)

Owen Smith
Owen has been writing for the Cannabis Digest since 2009, covering a wide range of topics related to medical cannabis. Owen’s articles are closely related to his constitutional challenge to legalized cannabis edibles extracts and oils. He is the founder of Ethical Growth Consulting

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