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  • Cannabis Health Radio: Victoria’s Newest Program in Public Education

    WHO? Ian Jessop, and Corrie Yelland. Ian Jessop has been a radio journalist and political communications specialist since the early 1970s. A graduate of the Columbia School of Broadcasting, he was legislative reporter at CKNW in Vancouver in the 1980s; press secretary for Premier Van Der Zalm; and director of communications for the BC Liberal […]

  • 7 Key Points For Public Cannabis Education

    On October 19 2015, Justin Trudeau, currently our Prime Minister, led the Liberal Party of Canada to victory with a comfortable parliamentary majority. Legalizing and regulating the sale of cannabis to adults was part of the party’s platform. In June 2016, Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould announced the formation of a task force to develop a legalization […]

  • The Herb of Life – A Cannabis Fantasy Adventure

    While challenging the Canadian Cannabis laws to legalize extracts for medical patients, Owen has written his experience into an action packed fantasy adventure. Not satisfied with making history by bringing the first ever medical cannabis case to the Supreme Court of Canada, Owen seeks to make a mythology where cannabis is re-instated as a sacred […]

  • University of California Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research

    (website: CMCR) Eliminating the Ignorance and Myth around Medical Marijuana By Dean Schwind In the last month of 2014, quietly and without fanfare or hoopla, the US Federal Government unceremoniously unfunded the war on medical marijuana.  The U.S. House of Representatives’ approval of the landmark Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment to the 1.1 trillion dollar “Cromnibus Spending Bill” […]

  • Cannabis Digest Launches new Youtube Channel

    In the modern internet world there is plenty of room to expand and plenty of avenues for education.  The Cannabis Digest began as a Quarterly Journal and has since expanded to 32 pages with International writers providing World Class content. The Cannabis Digest Forums and Website have since expanded and now provide a Daily source […]

  • The Life and Struggles of Educators For Sensible Drug Policy

    Battling Daren the Lion     This is the story of Educators For Sensible Drug Policy. It begins in 2001, when 21-year-old Adam Jones, an education major at the University of Montana at Billings, was arrested for possession of ½ gram of psilocybin mushrooms. He was sentenced to five years in prison, a sentence later […]

  • Labels – Georgia Toons

      It occurred to me, how so many are still very ‘concerned’ about labels and not the ones they should be.  I recently had someone talk to me – he was ‘asking for a friend… ‘, really – and the friend has a child who is experiencing grand mal seizures. Well, apparently he is thinking […]

  • David Bratzer For Schoolboard Trustee

    “Medical Marijuana is an excuse so addicts can get high.” This statement, from a D.A.R.E constable to my son’s fifth grade class launched one of the most difficult periods I have faced yet as a parent. It was an impossible dilemma. With family that used marijuana medicinally, I was personally aware of cannabis’ efficacy for […]

  • Hempology 101 Growing Like Weed

    By Andrew Brown September 1st marks the fifteenth anniversary of Hempology 101 in Victoria, B.C. Our mandate is legalization by education. The long version is participatory education in constant, passive, civil disobedience. Hempology 101 has evolved from meetings being held in a room across the street from Hemp BC in Nov. 1994, to a full […]