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Jesus Busted For Cannabis Oil

Jesus Anointing

Jesus Busted For Cannabis Oil

Research is clearly starting to indicate that the sacred anointing oil that Jesus used to heal the lepers contained cannabis.  This sacred cannabis anointing oil was made according to the formula that Moses learned from God and was only to be used by priests for religious ceremonies.  By sharing the sacred anointing oil with the general public Jesus was breaking a religious law that was one of the reasons the Jewish leadership wanted his head.

There is no doubt Jesus would have been very familiar with various uses of cannabis, including rope, fabric, lamp oil, incense, food and the anointing oil.  Every ancient civilization at the time used cannabis extensively for these purposes. Consistently growing successful crops of cannabis provided empires with the resources they required to supply armies and the royal family.  As author Chris Bennett proves in his first book, GREEN GOLD, THE TREE OF LIFE: MARIJUANA IN MAGIC AND RELIGION, during the time of Jesus cannabis was freely used in every major civilization on the planet.

Bennett goes further, explaining how it is probable that Jesus faked his death on the cross, using a cannabis tincture to knock himself out to appear dead.  Concluding that Jesus was knowledgeable in the arts of magic and healing, Bennett has convinced many of us that by teaching the secrets of the church and other hidden traditions, Christ was condemned to death.  His only means of escape was faking his death and thereafter using a new name.

Given the capacity of the topical application of cannabis to help relax muscles, relieve inflammation, fight infections, diminish pain, calm nerves and heal skin, it makes perfect sense that the anointing oil of Jesus contained it.  Modern medicine is finally crawling out of the Dark Ages and discovering what Jesus knew a long time ago.  For those of us helping sick people with these topical products, there is little doubt the sacred anointing oil of Jesus was definitely a cannabis ointment.

Please enjoy this short video explaining more about this theory.  We are making a series of videos based upon my book, HEMPOLOGY 101: THE HISTORY AND USES OF CANNABIS SATIVA that are available on our Youtube channel.  Subscribe or better yet buy my book here: HEMPOLOGY101STORE

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