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It occurred to me, how so many are still very ‘concerned’ about labels and not the ones they should be.  I recently had someone talk to me – he was ‘asking for a friend… ‘, really – and the friend has a child who is experiencing grand mal seizures. Well, apparently he is thinking about cannabis but “is worried about the kid getting stoned.”


I do not understand how a parent of a child  can watch them have a grand mal seizure  but are afraid to see them ‘high’? What ever that may be in their mind.


Then there is the medicine. How is that o.k. to start to watch your child become a pharmaceutical junky?  BEFORE you would look into cannabis? A plant. Never been recorded for causing a death, certainly not by anyone using for pain, nausea, epilepsy, cancer… It’s endless.


Don’t believe me? Google it.


Wait! God forbid someone find out your googling ‘cannabis’!  That would make you a ‘stoner’!? LABELS.  We are less consumed with what actually goes into out bodies, and can cause us damage from the inside out.  The labels – ‘name calling’ bulling – for lack of a better word, can cause many problems as well. STRESS.


The sooner we learn we are not responsible for how anyone else thinks about us the better off we will be. I know people I have met and like and later find out – they don’t like me. Go figure LOL  In the past I just might ponder that. Now, I have better things to ponder. 🙂 Love, Peace and Happiness.


I’m not saying a child cannot benefit from  western medication. Although, I am not longer convinced this is the golden rule.   As parents WE are ‘the gatekeepers’ and the first thing we can do – as ‘hoaky’ as it is is give our kids the key to success – EDUCATION! I’m NOT saying university- I believe it is NOT for everyone. Just encourage learning and passion and teach them about consequences..
I am not preaching, I am praying out loud.


There are so many already messed up people that were probably messed up as kids – but they don’t all grow up nasty and mean.
You can be introduced to love at any age! <3


For those of you still tempted to take this drug or other cox-2 inhibitors and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDS) pain-killers:  be careful, they can kill more than pain. READ the LABELS !! Know what does not kill? Good for pain?  Cannabis.

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