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Overgrowing Canada with Cannabis

Ted Smith

If you care about cannabis, this is the year to grow some.

Whether you intend on smoking it, juicing it, baking it in a cookie or giving it to your cousin, this year it is very important for everyone who can to grow a few plants in their gardens or living room.  Instead of worrying about getting a high yield with thick buds, just throw some seeds in some dirt and get going, sooner than later.  The point of encouraging everyone to grow some cannabis is not to flood the market but to further undermine the fear of this plant, and help everyone be more familiar with it.

growing-cannabisEven though the new legalization scheme has yet to come into place, there is no real chance of arrest for anyone growing less than 10 plants, as police are reluctant to fill out paperwork for something the courts do not consider a serious crime.  Indeed, how can they consider it a crime when the federal government is preparing to allow everyone to grow their own freely in the very near future?  As long as you are not involved in an illegal activity or are physically disabled, you really have few excuses for not growing at least a plant.

Exercising your rights by growing a plant or two is one of the best ways to feel empowered.  Watering your green buddy will give you a sense of pride and a feeling of self-empowerment that only comes with disobeying unjust laws.  This will be one of the last years where there is any sense of illegality for growing a few plants for personal use and we will forever lose the excitement that comes from challenging the establishment with a little plant.


Since most people do not have seeds sitting around, we really need people with seeds to give them out.  Better yet, start them and give them away as little houseplants to people that do not even use cannabis but like plants.  Many people that do not use cannabis would still love to have a plant around for the smell and interesting conversation that seems to follow it around.  What could be more fun than taking a tray of baby cannabis plants around to your friends one afternoon to see who wants them?

That is exactly what supreme cannabis activist Dana Larsen is doing this spring, as he travels across the country trying to distribute seeds to everyone interested in planting them.  He is really hoping many of the people he sends seeds to will simply plant them on their front lawn, where the whole neighbourhood can watch them grow.  Helping everyone become familiar with cannabis being grown is a very important step in the revival of this plant.

Of course, many will be tempted to plant seeds on public property, too.  It seems every year there are great stories about pot plants growing beside police stations, courthouses, parks, and other government buildings.  It is hard to imagine that the day is coming when such a thing will not cause anyone to blink an eye, but until we are at that point we need to keep pushing it.  

So get out there and grow.  Get some cannabis seeds sprouted and get yourself a house plant before you stick it out in the garden.  There is nothing to fear anymore and the sense of freedom you cultivate within yourself will surprise you.  Let the seeds of truth line the path of your walkway!

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