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  • Overgrowing Canada with Cannabis

    Ted Smith If you care about cannabis, this is the year to grow some. Whether you intend on smoking it, juicing it, baking it in a cookie or giving it to your cousin, this year it is very important for everyone who can to grow a few plants in their gardens or living room.  Instead […]

  • A Review of Dana Larsen’s Cannabis in Canada: The Illustrated History

    Judith Stamps Some authors weave their chronicles into geometric shapes, presenting history as a long, upward trudge toward progress, usually via reason, and science; or portraying it as the steady, moral and physical decline of humanity from a nobler past; or showing a never ending round, as Mark Twain liked to say, of ‘one damned […]

  • Catching Up With Sensible BC

    By Judith Stamps Back in the fall of 2013, Sensible BC led a heroic attempt to make use of British Columbia’s Recall and Initiative Act to force a referendum on decriminalizing cannabis in BC.  The Act called for the signatures of 10% of the voting public in each of BC’s 85 electoral ridings.  Volunteers failed […]

  • Marijuana in a Post Prohibition World:  Reflections On Mark Haden’s views

    The recently held First Annual Conference of Sensible BC featured a great menu of panel discussions and small study sessions.  One of the truly enjoyable subjects on the menu was how best to imagine life in post prohibition Canada.   In this context, Marc Emery reiterated his view that we should legalize the plant and impose […]

  • You’re invited to the Sensible BC Conference!

    by Dana Larsen – Sensible BC Director You are invited to join with Canada’s largest legalization team on the first weekend of October, to “Learn how to Legalize” at the Sensible BC Conference in Vancouver. This is going to be a very special weekend for anyone who cares about cannabis! First, you’ll get a chance […]

  • Sensible Starts in September

    The race to collect 400,000 signatures begins By Andrew Brown With Sept. fast approaching, so does the urgency to act and get involved with the Sensible BC campaign. This will be the last issue of the Cannabis Digest before the campaign’s signature gathering begins, and we strongly encourage our B.C. readers to take part in […]

  • Sensible BC Rollin’

    Campaign kicking into high gear   By Andrew Brown Since last Oct., Dana Larsen and the Sensible BC campaign—the voter initiative to effectively make cannabis possession the lowest police priority in B.C., with no money used to enforce the federal possession laws—have been touring throughout B.C. visiting dozens of communities from Northern B.C. to Vancouver […]

  • A Sensible Tour

    Dana Larsen sows seeds of decriminalization across BC As Canada sits watching the United States reforming its drug laws state by state through voter initiatives, we find ourselves sitting in a vortex sucking our once progressive stance on drugs into a Conservative web of ideology-based laws stemming from early drug prohibition reefer madness. With the […]

  • A Sensible BC

    Dana Larsen spearheads a new initiative to decriminalize By Amie Gravell Decriminalization: Shuffling descriptions of criminality and shuffling perceptions of criminality. I first heard about the Sensible BC campaign from Dana Larsen when he spoke at the 13th Cannabis Convention at UVic. I came into marijuana advocacy and activism through a deep desire to speak […]