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  • Overgrowing Canada with Cannabis

    Ted Smith If you care about cannabis, this is the year to grow some. Whether you intend on smoking it, juicing it, baking it in a cookie or giving it to your cousin, this year it is very important for everyone who can to grow a few plants in their gardens or living room.  Instead […]

  • The Right to Grow Our Own Medicine

    By Matt Mernagh Gardening relaxes me. Even when I’m a little tired, or even plenty tired, there’s always a little time for my marijuana plants. Besides watering and pruning, I perform pilates and mediation. It’s important to stretch before performing manual labor. Especially if you are a chronically ill person who doesn’t get around very […]

  • The Cannabis Digest is Growing Again

    Ted Smith Bigger and better than ever, the Cannabis Digest is evolving as we all watch the cannabis industry explode around the world. In fact we could have even tried to make the last issue 32 instead of 28 pages but we actually forgot to put several of our advertisers in the paper, for which we […]

  • The Myth Of The Marijuana Millionaire

    Having spent the better part of 10 years behind the counter at two of the largest hydroponic supply stores on Vancouver Island, I’ve been involved in the design and set up of hundreds of grow ops. From bedroom closets and dingy basements to high tech warehouse operations, I’ve seen it all, and rode the wave […]

  • Weedy Blues III: Silly Logic: Fun with Numbers

    Judith Stamps Cartoon

    In 2001, in response to a court challenge, Medical Marijuana Access Regulations (MMAR) was implemented in Canada, allowing patients to grow their own medicine. This law gave them a level of peace. But the federal government remained hostile to the idea, and so were a number of BC municipalities. In 2012, the peace ended. Health […]