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Rudolf the Red-Haired Outdoor


By Ted Smith

Many years ago we started writing cannabis carols and published a small colouring booklet full of our favourite songs.  Until last year a group of us would march around downtown Victoria singing cannabis carols and hot-boxing City Hall.  Unfortunately that tradition has died out and we will no longer be trying to organize carolling as a group.  However, we will be publishing some of the best carols over the next few weeks so you can sing them at home or at holidaze parties.

Here is one of the all-time favourites:


Rudolf the Red-Haired Outdoor

You know Time-Warp and Big Bud and Durban and Burmese
Indoor and hashish and oil and cookies
But do you recall
The most famous outdoor of all?

Rudolf the red-haired outdoor
Was a very sticky strain
And if you ever smoked it
You would never be in pain

All of the other growers
Used to laugh and puff their own
They never tried some Rudolf
To find it has a really good stone

Then one dry and desperate eve
George Bush came to say
“Rudolf with your hairs so bright,
Won’t you fill my pipe tonight?”

Then all of the people loved it
As they smoked it all with glee
“Rudolf the red-haired outdoor,
You’ll get grown through history!”


Check out the crew from a previous year as they hot box city hall


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