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  • The VCBC Responds to Health Canada’s Proposed Edibles Regulation Survey

    1- What do you think about the proposed THC limits for the new classes of cannabis products? The 10 mg per serving limit is far too low for consumers, especially anyone using cannabis for medical purposes.  There are several reasons this limit is unreasonable. After advocating for the end of prohibition for 24 years, it […]

  • Cannabis Digest Full Issue 50 – Fall 2016

    Read the Full Summer Issue of the Cannabis Digest quarterly journal for free online today. Including stories from Russell Barth (Ottawa), Tracy Lamourie (Toronto) and Debbie Stultz-Giffin (Maritimes).

  • Perceptual Framing, the Cannabis Activist, and the New Cannabis Industry

    Judith Stamps Licensed producers that play well with others; licensed producers that don’t; MMAR producers; non-licensed producers; personal growers; soon to be licensed dispensaries (for profit and non;) publicly traded companies; for profit medical script writers; vape lounges; private sellers; brokers; bakers; insurers; bong shops; legal service providers; networking event producers; and tech support companies. […]

  • Lessons from the Little Red Hen

    Cannabis Culture and the Little Red Hen Dana Larsen Before Premiers, liquor unions and corporations start falling all over each other in an effort to cash in on legal cannabis sales, let’s remember the real reasons we should be ending cannabis prohibition in Canada. Yes, we should be legalizing cannabis in Canada, but not because […]

  • Building Strength in Cannabis Activism

    By Judith Stamps It is easy for activist movements to fracture along lines of race, gender, class, or culture, and equally easy for them to remain strangers to the mainstream social and economic environments that surround them.  It is thus useful, occasionally, and especially on the eve of a federal election in Canada, to consider […]

  • Reflecting on the Cannabiz Life – Part 1: Hippie Roots

    By Ross Middleton Part 1 – “Hippie Roots” Living my formative years in the 1960’s, some of my earliest memories about gaining exposure to the ways of the world go back to the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. I was 6 ½ years old and was already reading at a reasonably proficient level. One day […]

  • I Fought The Law And The Law Lost

    By Ted Smith Friday, March 20, 2015 will be forever etched in history as the day the laws prohibiting cannabis in Canada get proven to be counter-productive before the Supreme Court of Canada.  Never before has the highest court in the land been shown such strong evidence that the benefits of this incredible plant far […]