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  • An Open Letter Regarding Marc and Jodie Emery

    AN OPEN LETTER TO MY FRIENDS IN MEDIA, MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT, MEMBERS OF PROV PARLIAMENT AND MUNICIPAL POLITICOS: I’d like to clear a few things up for you. Whatever you think of Marc Emery – and we certainly have had and still do have our major disagreements and differences – we are not friends, but […]

  • Saving Cannabis Culture; Ideas for Combatting the Post Regulation Blues

    Judith Stamps Sixteen days to go until Health Canada announces its new plan for medical cannabis, and hopes are sinking. Mine are, anyway. Dispensaries raids continue in Ontario, sending menacing vibes to Canada’s cannabis growers, the ones not sanctioned as LPs; to Canadian patients who choose dispensaries as the source of their medicines; and of […]

  • Welcome Home Marc!

    He is finally back in Canada.  After serving a 5 year sentence for selling seeds, Marc Emery has been released and just spent his first night back on Canadian soil.  His wife Jodie is obviously thrilled, as their future looks pretty green. No one can predict how much fame and fortune Marc will acquire now.  […]

  • Marc Emery Returns to Canada

    By Ted Smith No event in cannabis activism around the world has been as highly anticipated as the release of Marc Emery.  After spending over 4 years trapped in various US jails, the Prince of Pot is getting ready to return to his native homeland to begin the next chapter of his life.  No one […]

  • Cannabis in Costa Rica – Part 2

      The Costa Rica Medicinal Cannabis Movement   Will they succeed? In the last blog I introduced cannabis prohibition in Costa Rica from the perspectives I gathered while visiting earlier this year. My interview with Gerald Murray of the Costa Rica Medicinal Cannabis Movement suffered some technical difficulties but I was still able to ask […]

  • Live Wired—Activate Your Mind

    I was raised in some of the most socially and politically conservative parts of Canada. As a child and young adult, I was well educated in the harms associated with illicit drug use. I had no reason to believe that those lessons were based on bad information. I kept my distance from drugs and had […]

  • A Note From The Publisher

    Ted Smith Publishing a newspaper printed on trees goes against any of the most important reasons I became involved in cannabis activism 16 years ago. When I first arrived on the west coast of Vancouver Island in fall of 1994, I was stunned by what I saw. It was not the beauty of the Clayquoet […]