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Welcome Home Marc!


He is finally back in Canada.  After serving a 5 year sentence for selling seeds, Marc Emery has been released and just spent his first night back on Canadian soil.  His wife Jodie is obviously thrilled, as their future looks pretty green.

No one can predict how much fame and fortune Marc will acquire now.  When he went to arrested in 2005, Marc was very popular in the cannabis movement but relatively unknown outside it.  As time progressed and he went to jail his story was picked up by various media and his popularity soared across the world.  Now he is poised to leap into stardom.


(Marc’s first press conference back in Canada)  (WATCH THE VIDEO)

So much has changed since he was locked away.  There are now two US states where buying, selling and possessing cannabis is totally legal, something that seemed impossible a short time ago.  This fall Alaska and Oregon appear next.  The irony that the USA has spent so much effort seeking Marc out, only to start allowing its own citizens to do the same and much, much  more is clear to everyone.  The cracks in prohibition are becoming roads to success.

Success is exactly what Marc will be seeking.

This time around, he has a lot more behind him.  Without a doubt his biggest asset in this new world will be his wife Jodie.  She has matured a lot through this terrible ordeal, becoming far more influential than most expected.  In fact, her attempt to become the MP for the downtown eastside as a Liberal could help send this powerful duo into the limelight more than even they dared dream.


(Marc and Jodie’s First Selfie since his return to Canada: from Jodie Emery)

With Justin Trudeau suggesting he is prepared to legalize cannabis once attaining power in Ottawa, waves of patients, growers and advocates have sworn allegiance to the Liberals.  A push from some younger Liberals has led to this attempt to have Jodie represent the Liberals in the downtown Eastside, as Libby Davies has been virtually muzzled under the leadership of Thomas Muclair and a strong anti-prohibitionist candidate like Jodie might actually have a chance of upseating her.  However, the old guard is not exactly happy with this whole campaign and pockets of Liberals are still quite opposed to legalization.

Marc Emery makes these old, stale Liberals nervous.  He makes them nervous because he is much more outrageous than his well-spoken, diplomatic wife.  Marc makes them nervous because the old guard knows that between the two of them there is a very good chance Jodie could become an elected Liberal MP.  The press is smitten with her, as one can see in a recent headline in The Province, “Trudeau and Emery Didn’t Meet at Vancouver BBQ, But They Still Managed to Talk About Each Other”.  Even the Conservative party seems focused on him as today’s CBC headline shows, “Justin Trudeau’s pot stance targeted again by Tories as Marc Emery returns”.

That makes for a volatile situation for backroom policy masters who try to control everything happening in Ottawa.  Marc cannot be controlled and any attempt to do so will likely be met with a fierce burst of uncensored lightening bolts.  Whatever the outcome of this political step-dance, the press is going to love over-blowing every possible off-handed comment Marc makes.


We could see a whole new Marc Emery emerge from this punishment, though.  He has even learned to play bass guitar and in my humble opinion it would be awesome to see him switch somewhat into entertainment.  That is where he will reach fame and fortune beyond his wildest dreams.  If he was to join the likes of Cheech and Chong for a music tour, at least in Canada and everywhere Marc is allowed right now, they would sell out large venues.  Time will tell whether his new-found talent will become a part of his public life or not.

In the short term, though, there is some celebrating to do.  Right now people are lining up at the doors of the Toronto Vapor Central in the hopes of having a chance to shake Marc’s hand and pay their respect.  After spending such a long time away from cannabis, no doubt his tolerance will be very low so hopefully he does not try eating too many strong edibles!


(Marc Emery smokes his first joint after being released from prison: from Jeremiah Vandermeer)

After spending some time in Ontario where he was born and raised, Marc will say goodbye to his family and come back to Vancouver.  There will be a huge hero’s welcome for him at Victory Square across from his store on Sunday.  It will be very emotional for many, as Marc is truly worshipped by a large number of people who see him as a beacon of hope in a world of sadness.

No matter what Marc Emery does now, his time in jail will give him far more power to damn governments for cannabis prohibition than he had before.  His experience will elevate him in the eyes of the media, as he has paid a very high price for his beliefs.  Whatever his future holds, we are all so very glad he is not suffering in a cage anymore.


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