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  • How To Save Your Reclaim When You Clean Your Dab Rig


  • Historic Extract trial Hits Ottawa

    Decision Should Radically Change How Cannabis Is Used As Medicine In Canada ”Would you confine your points to things that really matter!” This was the last thing Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin said to crown lawyer Paul Riley before Riley quickly closed his arguments.  It was an appropriate ending to a special morning in the Supreme Court […]

  • The Extract Trial: Government Witnesses

    By Owen Smith Two years after I had been arrested and charged in the act of making cookies, lozenges, gel caps, and massage oils with cannabis infused vegetable oils, we would begin the trial that would hear the constitutional challenge that was recently before the Supreme Court of Canada. After Ted Smith testified, Gayle Quin, Gina Herman […]

  • The Extract Trial: The Journey Begins

    (old picture of the product selection from the now incorporated Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club) By Owen Smith Part 1: The Journey Begins I began learning about the cannabis plant when I started college in 2002—not from any of my classes, but from the small Hempology101 circle that was formed each Wednesday on the lawn in […]

  • What is the RvSmith Extract Trial?

    (Cannabis products from the V-CBC) My name is Owen Smith and I am responsible for the constitutional challenge that would allow medical patients access to cannabis derivatives in Canada. Referred to as the Extract Trial, or the Cookie Case, mine will be the first medical cannabis case to ever be seen by the country’s highest […]

  • Trial By Fire – Part 2

    A Retrospective Look at the Future of Canadian Drug Policy (Part 2 of 3)  (read Part 1 Here) BY RYAN FINK When I was arrested back in 2003, it was by a team of police officers who were bent on dismantling the CBC of C (now the V-CBC) through continued raids, who would go to […]