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  • Publishers Note: Dispense the Digest!

    Ted Smith This coming fall, everyone with the Cannabis Digest will be proud to be getting ready to print the publication’s 50th issue. With so much happening in the cannabis scene, it is exciting to have the opportunity to document the changes as we shift from prohibition to legalization. We feel our newspaper has a […]

  • Public Prosecutor Zealots Push For Toronto Police Raids

    Ted Smith Everyone knows by now that Toronto police raided 43 cannabis dispensaries on Thurs May 26 but it is still not clear to everyone who influenced the chief of police in his decision to create Project Claudia.  Mayor John Tory, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are all washing their hands […]

  • What is Rick Simpson Oil or RSO?

    As originally seen on liftcannabis.ca By Owen Smith For years, Rick Simpson and phoenixtears.ca have spread the message through the internet that cannabis can be used to treat cancer, to anybody willing to take the necessary risks. Although Rick’s work has been a recent public revelation, the technique he uses to make his oil have […]

  • Deciphering R.v.Smith

    Government Issues Section 56 Exemptions By Owen Smith The landslide 7-0 decision from the Supreme Court of Canada in my favour is now a landmark in the landscape of Canadian cannabis litigation. The facts that we assembled form a fortified field position for further advancements against the forces of cannabis prohibition. While the war wages […]

  • Press Release: Health Canada’s Half-baked Response to Smith

    For Immediate Release Weds July 8, 2015 Victoria, B.C.: Less than one month after the Supreme Court of Canada handed down the Owen Smith decision, Health Canada has announced they are starting to issue Licensed Producers an Exemption #56 from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act to allow them to produce and sell cannabis extracts, […]

  • Trial By Fire – Part 2

    A Retrospective Look at the Future of Canadian Drug Policy (Part 2 of 3)  (read Part 1 Here) BY RYAN FINK When I was arrested back in 2003, it was by a team of police officers who were bent on dismantling the CBC of C (now the V-CBC) through continued raids, who would go to […]

  • How to Make Low-Dose Cannabis Oil Capsules

    During my constitutional challenge for cannabis extracts in 2012, the federal government made the argument that the only difference between chewing the dried inflorescence (buds) and making an edible is that cookies are tasty. Tastiness doesn’t serve a medical purpose and certainly isn’t protected as a constitutional right. The Judge rightly saw through this argument […]

  • Beth Hutchinson’s Story

    [image : Beth Hutchinson (04 March 1993 – 25 October 2013)] In a previous Blog I told my sister’s story of how cannabis eased the suffering she experienced from her Melanoma cancer treatments, offering a necessary quality to the end of her life. My family are among many whose lives have been directly impacted by […]

  • A Mother’s Quest for CBD: Hayley’s Comet

    Earlier this year I had the pleasure of interviewing Cheryl T Rose on my bi-weekly segment on Time4Hemp radio. Cheryl is the mother of Hayley Rose, one of the oldest and highest functioning survivors of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS), a rare and severe form of epilepsy that causes multiple types of seizures, and delays cognitive and […]

  • Making Concentrated Cannabis Oils

    (Image: LiftBlog)   By Owen Smith Last week i reported on the launch of the GoFundMe campaign for our Supreme Court challenge to legalize cannabis extracts. This will be the final showdown.  The wording of the remedy from the BC Court of Appeal has left us asking a few questions, it suggested to our lawyer […]