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  • Herb of Life – Chapter 2

    By Owen Smith Based in a mythical pre-historic Costa Rica, two young men discover the miraculous healing properties of a special herb and begin a quest to bring it’s material and health benefits to the people of their kingdom. Loosely based on the constitutional challenge to legalize extracts for medical patients in Canada, Owen has written […]

  • Cannabis in Costa Rica – Part 5 – Conclusion

        A future for Cannabis in Costa Rica As we move into July, the Costa Rica Medicinal Cannabis Movement signature gathering campaign has surpassed 100K and are now seeking more in case of invalid or duplicate signatures. Costa Rica has only had one successful referendum in the past. The citizens decided by vote that […]

  • Cannabis in Costa Rica – part 4

      Photo from www.TicoTimes.net Costa Rica’s Sloth Kong enjoys some legal weed from Uruguay after success at the World Cup   The 5th Latin America Drug Policy Conference Costa Ricans (and mascot Sloth Kong) are doing a lot more than just knocking top teams out of the World Cup. In my previous blogs on Costa […]

  • Cannabis in Costa Rica – Part 3

    What will the new law look like? In the previous blogs I gave my personal impression of prohibition in Costa Rica and I looked at the likelihood that the Costa Rica Medicinal Cannabis Movement would succeed in their attempts to trigger a referendum to legalize medical cannabis.  If they gather all of the signatures they […]

  • Cannabis in Costa Rica – Part 2

      The Costa Rica Medicinal Cannabis Movement   Will they succeed? In the last blog I introduced cannabis prohibition in Costa Rica from the perspectives I gathered while visiting earlier this year. My interview with Gerald Murray of the Costa Rica Medicinal Cannabis Movement suffered some technical difficulties but I was still able to ask […]